iSeries (AS/400) Client Access Administration

Course Code: ACA1

iSeries (AS/400) Client Access for Administrators is a self-paced audio-cassette course providing comprehensive, practical training for administering Client Access/400 on PC's using Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95 or 98.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Install CA/400 on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, or Windows 95.
Configure an SNA and a TCP/IP connection.
Build an installation directory.
Perform a silent installation.
Add and remove Client Access components.
Configure and customize a 5250 emulation display session.
Configure a 5250 printer session.
Modify Client Access properties.

Client Access/400 Features File Serving
Network Printing
5250 Emulation
Graphical Access
Data Transfer
Operations Support
Communications Support
Administration Support

Installing CA/400 for Windows 95/NT
Specifying the Type of Installation
Specifying the Destination Directory
Specifying a Shortcut Name
Configuring a Connection
Specifying the Type of Connection
Specifying the System Address
Specifying the System Name
Specifying the Default User ID
Specifying the Default View
Verifying the Connection

Building an Installation Directory
Creating a Directory
Selecting the Directory
Accessing the Directory

Silent Installation
Using a Sample Response File
Performing a Silent Installation
Analyzing the Log File
Using Selective Setup
Adding a Client Access Component
Removing a Client Access Component

5250 Emulation
Configuring a 5250 Display
Customizing the Session Toolbar
Customizing the Session Keyboard Map
Configuring a 5250 Printer Session

Modifying Client Access Properties
Displaying the Managing System
Changing the Default User ID

Anyone responsible for setting up Client Access/400 for users

Reccomended Prerequisites
Knowledge of the PC operating system that will be used.
Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes


Four Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Time Required
Approximately 10 Hours

£ 395