iSeries (AS/400) Query for Users

Now Released on Audio CD

Course Code: AQY1

AS/400 Query for Users is a self-paced, audio driven course providing comprehensive, practical training in the many facets of Query and the fundamentals of report writing.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Select a specific file to be queried.
Perform record and field selection, as well as record and field sequencing.
Format the report using system-defined and user-defined specifications.
Create report breaks based on the value of a field.
Produce detail and summary reports.
Create a simple query that joins two files.
Create and use result fields.

Basic AS/400 File Concepts
Query Processing Cycle
Formatting Reports

Report and Column Headings
Field Edit Codes
Edit Words
Selecting Fields
Sequencing the Report Columns
Omitting Fields
User-Defined Headings
Data Selection and Sorting
Selecting Specific Records
Sorting Report Information

Computation Fields
Defining Computation Fields
Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide
Computation Field Headings
Batch Processing

Summary Reports
Totals and Subtotals
Averaging Functions
Report Breaks
Managing and Printing Reports
Executing Query Programs
Displaying Reports on the Workstation
Changing and Deleting Query Programs
Displaying the Layout of a Query

File Chaining

Query Program Maintenance
Renaming Query Programs
Copying Query Programs

Merging Query within a Document
Direct Merge

Help Support


Both data processing and non-data processing personnel who require more information from the AS/400 using the Query tool.


AS/400 Workstation Operations or keyboard familiarity
Self Study Interactive


11 Audio CD's
Student Text
Interactive Software
Time Required
Approximately 10 Hours

£ 395