E-Business on the AS/400
It's Hot. It's Growing. And it's the Future!

ATS Automated Training Systems has released its E-Business Skill Set Bundle for RPG Programmers, a series of seven self-paced, training courses for the on-the-go programmer. Even if you don't have time to go to class, you can learn e-business on the AS/400 with the ATS Portable Classroom. This bundle includes a copy of the new AS/400 Java course, designed for AS/400 Programmers

The audio driven self-paced format of the Portable Classroom from ATS reduces learning time by 50%. And you can control the amount of time you spend with the course. At 1/2 hour or one hour a day, before you know it, you know it.

Dedicating only 1.5 hours per workday, you can complete the seven courses in the e-business Bundle in less than 14 weeks. There is no reason to be left behind because you don't have time to attend class. The Portable Classroom can be taken anywhere at anytime.

With the ATS Portable Classroom, you save money, save time, and save travel and out-of-the-office expenses. You can learn at your own pace and at any place, at any time, and for as long as you like. Keep current on e-business on the AS/400 while staying productive at the office.

Order these excellent training programs now and save £650 on the individual price of these courses of £4,245. This Bundle can be yours now for only £3,595!

The E-Business Skill Set Bundle includes (course code EBIZ):

WHTM - HTML Coding and Web Site Design - provides basic design principles for developing a web site,
and provides base-level HTML coding needed for pure Java coding and Java servlets on the AS/400. £395

AWB1 - AS/400 Web Server TCP/IP Configuration and Operations - provides step-by-step training on installing and managing the web server and its clients. Also included is the all-important web security issues. £555

ARP3 - AS/400 RPG IV Programming - ILE - develops a base knowledge of ILE and RPG IV to allow a mix of RPG and Java. It also provides the RPG IV and ILE skills needed for RPG IV CGI Scripting. £555

ACG2 - CGI Scripting with RPG IV - covers native CGI scripts that can be added to RPG programs. £555

ADB3 - AS/400 SQL/400 - builds the skills necessary to use SQL with the Java language, VisualAge for Java, and Net.Data. £695

ACG3 - Net.Data Power - provides the skills needed to use this powerful macro language to move data between the browser and the AS/400. It also demonstrates how to call OS/400 programs and commands, and how to pass parameters. £595

AJV1 - AS/400 Java Introduction - teaches the essentials of Java, and is designed for AS/400 programmers. This course will give you the understanding you've been looking for. £895

Order the E-Business Skill Set for just £3,595.
Course Code: EBIZ

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