Planning to Use the WebSphere
Application Server on the 400?

Course Code: WEB1

ATS - Automated Training Systems is offering a new Pre-WebSphere Starter Kit containing four courses that will provide you with a solid foundation and the prerequisite knowledge necessary for using the WebSphere Application Server on the iSeries 400. This bundles includes the ATS Web Server Configuration and Operations course for the IBM HTTP Server for AS/400, which provides a GUI interface to the 400 via a browser. Also included is the ATS Net.Data Power course that allows you to quickly write macros that take data on and off the 400 with a browser. Along with these two courses is the ATS Java Introduction course, which is uniquely designed for 400 programmers, and our latest course Practical Java Programming for Websphere. You don't have to be an "OO" expert or have programmed in "C". If ordered individually, these three courses total £2,940. You can order the Pre-WebSphere Starter Kit now for only £2,350, saving £590.

Order the Pre-WebSphere Starter Kit for just £2,350
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