RPG IV Programming
Training Bundle

a solution to tight budgets and heavy workloads. ATS has a low cost way to develop AS/400 talent from within: the ATS RPG IV Programming Training Bundle.

Expand your staff, by adding well trained talent from within, at a fraction of the cost.

Overcome turnover by replacing staff with well trained talent from within, at about half the cost.

Add RPGIV trained Programmers to Your Staff in Less than 30 Days!
This ATS RPG IV Bundle includes eight courses designed to take someone from novice to application developer in less than a month. That's roughly 110 hours of training to take a new employee from square one to interactive programming with subfiles!

While you can order any individual course, you can save £717 by ordering the entire bundle! Future programmers will receive the following training:

AOP1 System Operations £475
APD1 Program Development £315
ACL1 Control Language Programming £635
ADB1 Data Description Specifications £635
ARP1 RPG/400 Programming £895
ARG3 RPG/400 Interactive Programming £635
ARG4 RPG/400 Subfile Programming £635
ARP3 RPG IV Programming £555

TOTAL £4780

Order the RPGIV New Programmer Skill Set for just £4,063
Course Code: RPG4

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