RPG IV with ILE Programming
Training Bundle

a solution to tight budgets and heavy workloads. ATS has a low cost way to develop AS/400 - iSeries talent from within: the ATS RPG IV and ILE Programming Training Bundle.

Expand your staff, by adding well trained talent from within, at a fraction of the cost.

Overcome turnover by replacing staff with well trained talent from within, at about half the cost.

Add RPGIV - ILE trained Programmers to Your Staff in Less than 35 Days!
This ATS RPG IV-ILE Bundle includes nine courses designed to take someone from novice to application developer in less than a month. That's roughly 130 hours of training to take a new employee from square one to interactive programming with subfiles, RPGIV crossover and ILE !

While you can order any individual course, you can save £804 by ordering the entire bundle! Future programmers will receive the following training:

AOP1 System Operations £475
APD1 Program Development £315
ACL1 Control Language Programming £635
ADB1 Data Description Specifications £635
ARP1 RPG/400 Programming £895
ARG3 RPG/400 Interactive Programming £635
ARG4 RPG/400 Subfile Programming £635
ARP3 RPG IV Programming £555
RPGS ILE RPG SubProcedures £435

TOTAL £5215

Order the RPGIV-ILE New Programmer Skill Set for just £4,411
Course Code: RPSB

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