CB6F - Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals

A series of 3 CD-Rom Multimedia Tutorials for Visual Basic 6 covering the following Topics :

Module 1

What to do with VB?
Using VB Skills
What to Learn?
Visual Studio
Visual Basic-Flavours
Installation Issues
Event Driven Programming

VB Design Environment
Integrated Design Environment
Getting Started
Adding a Project
What is a Project
What is a Form
Standard Controls & Common Properties

What is a Property
Standard Properties
Standard Controls
Placing Controls on a Form

Text Box
Text Box Properties
Text Box Events
Creating Text Boxes

Variables and Constraints
Types of Variables
Variable Names
Variable Creation

String Manipulations
Types of String Manipulations

Conditional Statements
What are Conditional Statements?
Case Statement
Creating Conditions

Project Example 1
Putting it all Together
Creating Controls
Adding Code and Testing

Module 2

Creating a Loop
Types of Loops

Types of Arrays
10 Element-Arrays

Additional Controls
Other Tools
Frames and Option Buttons
Check Boxes
Scroll Bars

Project Example 2
Updating Hangman Project
Updating Code

Procedures and Functions
Creating Procedures
Sub Routines
Creating Functions

Variable & Procedure Scope
Declaring a Variable
Procedure & Function Scope

Tips for Debugging

Project Example 3
Updating Code

Module 3

Graphics Techniques
Picture Control
Image Control
Shape Control
Z Order Method
Creating Graphics

Additional Controls
List Box and Combo Box
Common Dialog
Programming These Controls

File I/O
Working with Files
Retrieving Data
Freefile Function
Open Statement/Input Statement
Print Statement
File I/O Examples

Calling Functions from *.DLL
What is a *.DLL?
Declare Statement
Storing Variables
Calling in VB

Database Access
Data Control
Bound Controls
Additional Data Control Properties
Creating a Database Access

Using Menus
Menu Editor
Form Pop-up Menu
Adding Menus
Adding a Pop-up Menu

Field Validation
Form Based Processing
What not to do
Good Practice
Field Validation in VB

Project Example 4
Using What You've Learned

Individuals wishing to learn and take advantage of the Programming Features of VB6.

PC Operations Skills
Windows knowledge

CD-Rom Multimedia

Operating System Requirements
Windows 3.1 or higher and MS DOS 6.2 or higher, Windows 95/98 or above

Minimum PC Hardware
System Requirements
PC with a 486 CPU running at 66MHz or above
At least 8 Mbytes of RAM
VGA or Super VGA card running in 640x480 resolution and 256 colours mode
Sound Card (8bits or better); Sound Blaster or compatible
2xCD-ROM drive
Windows compatible Mouse

Price £575 (Bundle of 3)

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