Crystal Reports V8 - CCRB

Course Outline

ATS's Crystal Reports 8 training course provides comprehensive instruction in producing publication-quality statistical reports, including the basic principles of statistical analysis. This content rich course covers the practical steps you need to respond to periodic or ad hoc requests for information - using your company's own database. Expert Dr. Howard Hammerman shows you how to create reports, charts, graphs, and statistical maps that uncover the underlying trends in your company, and demonstrates the power of applying this kind of analysis to your company's business processes. At the conclusion of this training course, you will understand how to create reports with Crystal Reports 8, including understanding the basics of statistical analysis. ( 3 CD-Rom Bundle)

Module 1

Section A: Introduction • Overview • Basic Concepts • Field Types

Section B: Reporting Environment • Report Wizard Interface • Basics Design • View Format • Field • Move Object • Design Formatting • Object Selection • Insert Text Object

Section C: Custom Report • Report Design & Options • Insert Fields • Change Default • Format Column • Titles • Select Expert • Numeric Selection • Date Selection

Section D: Selecting Records • Insert Formula Field • Delete Formulas • Select "One Of", "Starts With", & "Is Like" • Select "In Between" Or vs. • And Find Function • Highlight Function

Section E: Totals • Save Report • Create Sum • Create Counts • Create Averages • Numeric Formatting • Field Options

Section F: Subtotals & Grouping • Sort Direction • Subtotals • Grouping • Insert Summary • Show Percentage • Sort Order

Section G: Sections • Size Sections • Section Rules • Section Expert

Section H: Group Options • Group Expert • Change Group • Select Expert

Module 2

Section A: Advanced Group Options • Creating Totals

Section B: Summary Report • Formatting a Report • Adding a Picture & Title • Format Totals

Section C: Introduction to Formulas • Creating a Formula • Field Monthly Salary Totals

Section D: Functions • Inserting & Editing a Formula • Editing the Tenure Calculations • Formula Field for Age • Final Corrections

Section E: Conditions Using "If", "Then", & "Else" Rules for Vacation Time

Section F: Conditional Formatting • Highlighting a Selection Field • Font Style

Section G: String Operators • Subscript Operator

Section H: Special Fields • Inserting Date & Page Numbers • Summary Information

Section I: Exporting • Exporting a Report • Report Definition • Importing a Report

Section J: Linking • Linking Tables Together

Module 3

Section A: Advanced Linking • Linking Employees to Dependents • Grouping with Employee ID Number • Missing Data

Section B: Charts • Creating a Pie Chart

Section C: Maps • Things to Know before Mapping • Creating a Map

Section D: Parameter Fields • Titling a Report • Discrete & Range • Values Review • Parameters

Section E: Web Report Distribution • Saving & Viewing on the Web • Dynamic Web Reports • Creating Parameters • Show the Boss

Section F: Compiled Reports • Compile Expert Install • Update Compile Report • Distribute Runtime

Section G: Running Totals • Counting Employees • Gender Specific Count • Division Count

Price £579 (Bundle of 3)

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