MQSeries System Administration I for iSeries (AS/400) - MQ16GB -
3 Days

To provide the basic skills required by an administrator for MQSeries for AS/400.
MQSeries on Windows NT and UNIX is covered by MQ15U

Technical personnel who require the skills to be an administrator for MQSeries for AS/400 or to provide support to others performing this task

The course assumes a knowledge of MQSeries to the level covered by MQ01, A Technical Introduction to MQSeries. The participant should also be reasonably familiar with, and be able to invoke simple function within the operating system environment for the practical exercises. A basic knowledge of how SNA LU6.2, TCP/IP, or NetBIOS is configured would be advantageous.

MQ01GB: A Technical Introduction to MQSeries
The student should be familair with the AS/400 Command interface and be able to use Program Development Manager - particularly SEU. These skills can be acquired on:
ISSFC - iSeries System Facilities

After attending the course, the participant should be able to:

Plan the implementation of MQSeries on an AS/400
Install MQSeries for AS/400
Perform simple customization and administration tasks
Enable a queue manager to exchange messages with another queue manager
Enable a queue manager to support an MQSeries client
Implement basic restart/recovery procedures
Perform basic problem determination

The course contains the following topics:
A Review of MQSeries
Installation and Configuration
The MQI and Triggering
Robust Messaging
Distributed Queue Management
More on Distributed Queuing
MQSeries for Windows

Practical Work
This course has been customised to address the MQSeries for AS/400 platform at Version 5.2. The lab instructions are targeted to that audience.

Follow on Course:Websphere MQ Base Product on Distributed Platforms - System Administrator MQ30N5GB

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