WebSphere MQ System Administration II for Distributed Systems (MQ30N5GB) 2 Days

This course is designed to teach some of the more advanced skills required by an administrator for the WebSphere MQ products for distributed platforms.

Technical personnel who require the skills to be an administrator for any of the WebSphere MQ products except MQSeries for VSE/ESA, or to provide support to others performing this task.

The course assumes a level of knowledge and skill that would be obtained by attending MQ15U: WebSphere MQ System Administration and completing successfully all the practical exercises in the course. However, you will be better prepared for this course, and will derive more benefit from it, if you have acquired some practical experience in working with WebSphere MQ since attending MQ15U.

On completion you will be able to:
Configure message channels and MQI channels, and manage them effectively.
Manage a dead letter queue.
Implement aspects of security in a distributed queuing environment.
Improve the performance of WebSphere MQ taking into account the requirements of your installation.
Understand the scope of automated function that is now available to support the management of a WebSphere MQ network.
Implement a WebSphere MQ SupportPac.

The course contains the following topics:
Managing Message Channels
Managing MQI Channels and Channel Security
Performance and Tuning
Managing a WebSphere MQ Network

Specifically, the course covers the following products:
WebSphere MQ for AIX Version 5 Release 3
WebSphere MQ for iSeries Version 5.3
MQSeries for AT&T Version 2 Release 2
MQSeries for Compaq (Digital) OpenVMS Version 2 Release 2.1.1
MQSeries for Digital UNIX Version 2 Release 2.1
WebSphere MQ for HP-UX Version 5 Release 3
MQSeries for OS/2 Warp Version 5 Release 1
MQSeries for SINIX Version 2 Release 2
WebSphere MQ for Sun Solaris Version 5 Release 3
MQSeries for Tandem NonStop Kernel Version 2 Release 2.0.1
MQSeries for Windows Version 2 Release 0
MQSeries for Windows Version 2 Release 1
WebSphere MQ for Windows NT and 2000 Version 5 Release 3 .

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