IX30CD: AIX TCP/IP Communications - CD

What does the course cover?

AIX TCP/IP Communications consists of three courses:
· TCP/IP and Routing
· Network and File Systems
· DNS, NIS and Roving Printing

Who should attend?

Administrators responsible for the configuration, support and use of TCP/IP on AIX version 4 RS/6000 systems.

Are there any prerequisites?

AIX Basics (5639-E04) System Administration (5639-E02) or equivalent skills.

What topics are covered?

These courses teach you TCP/IP network configuration and administration using AIX Version 4, including the skills necessary to begin implementing and using remote printing, static routing, Domain Naming System (DNS), Network File System (NFS) and Network Information Service (NIS).

Course topics include:

· TCP/IP protocols and addressing
· TCP/IP broadcasting and multicasting
· TCP/IP subnet masking
· Configuring TCP/IP on as RS/6000 system
· TCP/IP commands
· Remote and network printing
· Concepts and basic implementing of DNS, NFS and NIS

In addition to the lab exercises, you are presented with "Ask Your Administrator" screens that guide you in performing AIX TCP/IP tasks in your actual working environment.

Cost: £300.00 plus VAT