IX65CD: AIX Version 4.3 Features - CD

Who should attend?

System Administrators, programmers and support personnel who will be installing, providing support for or programming in the AIX version 4.3 environment.

Are there any prerequisites?

The course assumes familiarity with AIX version 3 or AIX

What are the objectives?

This course teaches you the primary features and functions of AIX version 4.3. The course highlights many of the new features, advantages, disadvantages and explains the major areas of change in more detail.

What topics are covered?

General Enhancements: AIX Version 4, including the skills necessary to begin implementing and using:
· National Language Support
· Systems Management
· Open Network Computing
· Welcome Center

Hardware Announcements and Architecture:

· TCP/IP subnet masking
· 64 Bit Application Enablement
· Hardware and Adapters

Web System Management:

· Concepts and basic implementation of DNS, NFS and NIS
· Web Systems Management
· Online Assistance
· AIX Standalone LDAP Directory Product

Special Note:

· Administrative Interface
· Directory Server
· Client Toolkit
· Security
· Installation
· Graphics Enhancements
· X Windows Architecture
· X Windows System Release 6
· Motif 2.1

Cost: £100.00 plus VAT