Practical Java Programming for WebSphere - PJPW


Practical Java Programming for WebSphere is a self-paced, hands-on training course with emphasis on creating working programs to access, display and change data. Unlike other Java courses, there are no hypothetical examples or theoretical examples or theoretical discourses. Everything in the training can be put to immediate use by iSeries programming professionals. The course is an excellent introduction to modern, cross-platform programming techniques..

  • Harness the power of JavaServer Pages (JSP) with ease.
  • Install and configure VisualAge for Java for WebSphere programming.
  • Configure and work with datasources and connection pools in the WebSphere Test Environment (WTE),WebSphere and your Java code.
  • Work with Java source code, packages and projects in VisualAge for Java.
  • Create classes, methods and fields using VisualAge for Java "SmartGuides".
  • Create JavaDoc documentation in your Java source code .
  • Work with the JDBC/ODBC "bridge" driver to develop and test database applications on your PC.
  • Understand how Java works with exceptions and to effectively deal with errors.
  • Use the JDBC driver classes to run SQL statements against relational database.
  • Use SQL Prepared Statements to make your queries run faster.
  • Start, control and understand the built?in WTE.
  • Create and serve simple HTML documents from the WTE to verify its operation.
  • Use the Servlet SmartGuide to quickly create a Servlet, then test it using the WTE.
  • Include JDBC code in a Servlet to access and display your database files.
  • Work with HTML table tags to create good looking web pages.
  • Create a JavaServer Page to display data and take the place of your Servlet.
  • Use the WebSphere JSP Tags to simplify database access in your JSP.
  • Create a multiple page JSP application using the request and session objects.
  • Create and use Java Beans in your multipage JSP to pass data from page to page.

Experienced AS/400 programmers who need or want to learn VisualAge for JAVA and access AS/400 database files through Java Servlets.

Recommended Prerequisites
Basic PC experience
Web browser/Internet usage
Some HTML & SQL experience
Client Access/400 experience
IBM HTTP Server configuration and operations experience
Windows 98, NT or later

Self-Instructional Hands-On

Manual (500+ Pages)
Source Code
Graphic Files
Internet Software

Time Required :
Approximately 35 Hours

Price: £895

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