SQL Server 7 Data Warehousing - SQ7W

SQL Server 7 Data Warehouse Design and Implementation course covers the essential strategies for creating a data warehouse to help your organization predict trends in business. Expert Wayne Snyder will teach you the logical design and physical implementation, show you data cubes and how to utilise them, provide ideas for making the data available to the people who make decisions, and explain English and MDX queries. At the conclusion of this course, you will have the information to be successful in your first project, and will be prepared to pass Exam #70-019.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Defining Requirements Data Warehouse Solution Data Warehouse & Data Mart OLAP Data & DW Report

Section B: Analyzing Business Requirements Business & Process Analysis Security Requirements Performance, Scalability, Maintainability Reporting Requirements North Wind Data Mart

Section C: Logical Design Overview Data Model Storage Architecture Tools

Section D: Dimensional Modeling OLAP Databases Fact/Measures Table Table Dimension Star Schema

Section E: Dimensional Modeling Details Fact Table Measures Dimensional Keys Dimension Tables Primary Keys Declare the Grain Section Overview

Section F: Designing Dimensions Choosing Dimensions Design for Quality Hierarchical Dimensions Snowflake Schema Consolidate Hierarchy Comparing Schema

Section G: Advanced Dimension Shared Dimensions Other Dimensions Types Sample Dimension Tables

Section H: Designing Fact Tables Overview Choose the Measures Sample Fact Table Guidelines Size of Store Size of Performance

Module 2

Section A: Database Creation Introduction/File Rules File Rules & Groups Create Database Warehouse Options

Section B: Table Creation Introduction/Query Analyzer Enterprise Manager Primary Keys Foreign Keys Indexes Fact Table Keys

Section C: Data Warehouse Population Warehouse Process How to Populate Select Info Distributed Add Hoc Query/Linked Servers Bulk Copy

Section D: DTS Wizard Introduction/DTS Packages Package Security Create Package

Section E: DTS Designer DTS Tasks Task Kit DTS Workflows Text Source Access Source/Transform Script Arrange Transforms DTS Package Data Lineage/Package Properties

Section F: Security Three Steps Authentication Permissions Apply Security Section G: SQL Queries Select & Try Selects Where Clauses Group By Having Rully/Cube Try Cubes

Module 3

Section A: English Query Overview Query Flow Model Relationships Normalized Databases Creating Entries on Views Open Model Mapping/Symantics Adding Words

Section B: Cube Creation Overview Cube Definition Creating Dimensions Building Cube Defining Aggregation Designing Storage Processing the Cube Cube Results Virtual Cube Building Virtual Cube Security Database Roles

Section C: Cube Storage MOLAP ROLAP HOLAP Changing Storage Comparison Cube Processing Times Query Times Processor Utilization Cube Partitions

Section D: Using MDX MDX Definition Cube Browser Sample MDX Statement MDX Sample Application Where Clause Options to Specify a Set Ranges Members Function List Measures Children Function Descendants Function Defining Other MDX Functions Intersect Function Union Function Tuples Crossjoin Function Calculated Members Tips for Writing MDX Code

Module 4

Section A: Creating Data Services Data Service DSQ Object Hierarchy Pivot Table Services Using Pivot Tables

Section B: Using ADO Access Data ADO MD Model Connecting Cube Def Properties & Metadata Cell Sets/Members and Positions Member Properties Cell Reference & Values

Section C: Creating Local Cube MCX Populate Local Cube ADO MD to Execute Pivot Tables

Section D: Maintenance Overview Update Statistics Recreate Indexes Space Management Events/Agents Cube Maintenance

Section E: Maintenance Plan Overview Updating Data Transact SQL DTS/BCP Replication Roles/Publication Replication Types

Section F: Updating OLAP Data Overview Cube Processing/Incremental Updates Refresh Data/Full Process Compare Data Backup Database/Insert New Orders DTS Add-in

Module 5

Section A: Backup Overview Normal Log Backup Differential Backup Database Maintenance Plan Wizard OLAP Backup/Archive Cube

Section B: Restore Overview/Restore Process Restore Steps Syntax Options Restore Database OLAP Restore

Section C: OLAP Optimization Overview/Client Memory Settings Optimize Warehouse & Cube Cube Editor Query Analysis Usage Based

Section D: Partitions Overview Partition Issues Merging Sliced Data Partition Wizard

Section E: Query Performance Solutions Trace Queries Run Queries Index Tuning Recommendations Other Resources

Price £750 (Bundle of 5)

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