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Security+ is CompTIA’s foundation level certification for IT professionals who have day-to-day information security responsibilities. In the Security+ self-paced training course from ATS, expert instructor Cameron Hunt delivers the knowledge and demonstrates the skills needed for certification and successful management of information security job tasks. ATS courses meet or exceed all CompTIA exam objectives. At the conclusion of this course you will be familiar with fundamental infosec concepts and be prepared to pass CompTIA’s Security+ certification exam.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Basic Access Introduction Logon/Logoff Authentication Proofs Access Control

Section B: Authentication Methods Kerberos Kerberos Process CHAP CHAP Process CHAP Platforms Certificates Certificate Uses Certificate Issues

Section C: Implementation Modes Username/Password Tokens Multi-Factor Mutual Biometrics IT Security Tools

Section D: Denial of Service DOS/DDOS Software Defenses

Section E: Identity Theft Back Door Back Door Defense Spoofing Spoofing Attacks Spoofing Defense

Section F: Identity Attacks Man In the Middle Indicators Replay Replay Defense TCP/IP Hijacking

Section G: Common Attacks Password Guessing Password Defense Software Exploitation Exploitation Defense Lockcrack

Module 2

Section A: Malicious Code Viruses Trojan Horses Logic Bomb Worms

Section B: Remote Access Security Wireless Communication Wireless Issues Wireless Defense VPN Communication VPN Issues VPN Defense

Section C: Remote Services Radius TACACS PPTP L2TP SSH IPSec

Section D: Email Security S/MIME S/MIME Issues PGP PGP Issues Vulnerabilities Defenses

Section E: Secure Web Traffic SSL/TLS SSL Process SSL Issues SSL Defenses

Section F: Web Client Vulnerabilities JavaScript ActiveX Cookies Applet Defense Web Page Settings ActiveX Controls Cookie File

Section G: Web Server Vulnerabilities Buffer Overflows CGI Web App Properties HTTP/S Unsecured Certificate

Section H: Authentication Services LDAP LDAP Defenses X.500 Replication Issues

Module 3

Section A: Communication Security S/FTP Packet Sniffing FTP Security Instant Messaging IM Defenses Wireless Security WEP Wireless Site Survey

Section B: Infrastructure Design Firewalls Routers Switches Wireless Modems RAS VPN Mobile Device

Section C: Media Security Coax UTP/STP Fiber Tape/CDR Hard Drives Diskettes Flashcard/Smartcard

Section D: Security Topologies DMZ Intranet/Extranet VLAN NAT Tunneling

Section E: Intrusion Detection Overview IDS Network Based Host Based Honeypots Incident Response Network Monitor

Section F: IDS Monitoring Services Users Management Firewall Log

Section G: Security Baselines Documentation Network Hardening Updates Configuration Application Hardening Email Servers NNTP Servers Data Repositories

Module 4

Section A: Security Checklist Basic Security Midlevel Security Advanced Security

Section B: Cryptography Concept Algorithm Symmetric/Asymmetric Using Encryption Using Keys

Section C: Key Management Overview Revocation/Suspension Recovery/Renewal Destruction Key Usage PKI Trust Models Standards and Protocols

Section D: Operational Security Access Control Social Engineering Environment Disaster Recovery Recovery Plan Business Continuity

Section E: Policies and Procedures Security Policy Employee Diligence Access/Passwords Mgmt Disposal/Termination Incident Response Policy

Section F: Security Management Documentation Education Privilege Management Risk Management Forensic

Price £ 625 (Bundle of 4)

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