VB to VB.NET Migration - VB2N


Course Outline
In the Visual Basic 6.0 to VB.NET Migration for Developers training course from ATS, Visual Basic developers will learn how to migrate to the latest version of this favored application building tool. Expert instructor Shannon Horn begins by explaining .NET, Microsoft’s Web
services and applications platform, and then moves logically and progressively through the migration issues VB developers will face. At the conclusion of this course you’ll feel confident in your ability to move your development efforts to VB.NET.

Module 1

Introduction Overview
Windows & Visual Basic
Significance of Visual Basic
Windows API Backward Compatibility
DLL Issues Support Between Languages

.NET Platform & Components Major
.NET Improvements
Single Development Language
Design Goals & Architecture Future of .NET
.NET Framework
Common Language Runtime
Common Type System Intermediate Language

.NET Tools
Visual Basic.NET
Visual C++ & Visual SourceSafe
Missing Tools
VB.NET Overview
VB.NET Upgrade Concerns
Previous Upgrade Concerns
Data Types Supported Data Types Objects

VB.NET Memory Addressing
Memory Addressing Value Types
"The Stack" Reference Types
"The Heap" Value vs. Reference
Boxing Unboxing

Data Access Technologies
Data Considerations
Storage Options
Data Translators
Data Access
Object Model
Data Objects
Use Command Objects
Record Set Object

ADO.NET Overview
ADO.NET Object Model
Connection Object
Command Object
DataReader Object
DataAdapter & DataSet Objects
Use DataAdapter
Use DataSet

Module 2

Upgrade to ADO.NET
Overview Upgrade
Wizard Upgrade
Reports Post
Upgrade Concerns Use Dataform Wizard
Create New Connection
Selecting Data

Object Oriented Programming
History of Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Concepts
Object Oriented VB
Inheritance Using Inheritance Interfaces
Implementing Interfaces
Properties Using Properties
Get Properties
Set Properties
Write Only & Read Only
Other New Features

Code Changes
Storing Dates
Default Properties

Application Architecture
Threading Model
Exception Handling
Compiling Applications
VBC Compiler
Local Forms
Forms in VB6.0
Use of WinForms
Create WinForm Form Properties
Adding Controls
Troubleshooting & Testing WinForms
Upgrading VB6 Forms

WebForms Overview
Web-Based Forms
Active Server Pages
Use of WebForms
Create WebForm
WebForm Properties
Button Event
Upgrade from ASP & DHTML

Price £375 (Bundle of 2)

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