Enterprise Java Bean Dev using IBM Rational Application Developer V6 - WF3560GB 4.5 Days

Learn how to develop and test Enterprise Java Beans using IBM Rational Application Developer Version 6. This course is based on the J2EE 1.4 and the EJB 2.1 specifications.

Students should be professional developers or software architects with expert knowledge of the Java Language

- Experience building J2EE Web Applications that involve servlets and JSPs
- An understanding of the MVC design pattern and how it relates to the J2EE n-tier architecture
- Experience building and debugging Java programs with IBM Rational Application Developer
- An appreciation of the concerns and problems related to e-business transaction processing
- Knowledge of basic concepts of XML


  • Describe the J2EE component model
  • Implement business logic as a set of EJB components
  • Explain how EJBs relate to servlets and other types of Java components
  • Create EJB clients
  • Develop EJBs with IBM Rational Application Developer Version 6
  • Build Session EJBs
  • Build Entity EJBs with container-managed and bean-managed persistence
  • Perform EJB to relational database mappings for persistent data
  • Use container-managed relationships to represent relationships between persistent entities
  • Integrate your application with messaging using message-driven beans
  • Leverage container services for transaction management
  • Leverage container services for EJB security
  • Apply best practices in EJB design and implementation
  • Deploy an EJB-based application to WebSphere Application Server Version 6

Price £1750


Public schedule Feb 20 Mar 20 Apr 20 May 20 Jun 20 Jul 20 Aug 20 Sep 20 Oct 20 Nov 20 Dec 20 Jan 21

We can run this course just for you - at our locations, a local hotel, or on your site. Please ask for details.

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