WebSphere Application Server Transitioning to Version 6 for Administrators - WF6160GB - 3 Days

Learn about the new administration features in WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V6 Network Deployment edition. This course assumes WebSphere Application Server V5.x administration knowledge and shows how to transition your skills so you can perform equivalent administration tasks for WAS V6.0.

Experienced WebSphere Application Server V5.x Administrators who will install, configure, and manage web-based applications on WebSphere Application Server V6.

Those who are new to WebSphere Application Server should attend course WF3860GB (for WebSphere V6.0)

- Experience using a Web browser
- Administration skills for a Web server (such as IBM HTTP Server or Apache)
- Basic operational skills for the Windows 2000 operating system
- Administrative skills and knowledge of installing and configuring WebSphere Application Server V5.x

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Relate WebSphere Application Server (WAS) to the WebSphere family of products
  • Describe the architectural upgrades and additions related to WAS V6
  • Install and configure WAS and IBM HTTP Server (IHS)
  • Explain the basic differences between of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise
  • Edition 1.3 and 1.4
  • Assemble and install server-side Java enterprise applications using Application Server Toolkit (AST) and WebSphere Rapid Deployment (WRD)
  • Use WAS administrative tools to configure and manage enterprise applications
  • Explain WebSphere Platform Messaging (WPM)
  • Configure and deploy Enterprise applications
  • View performance information about server and application components
  • Use problem determination tools and log files to troubleshoot problems


  • WebSphere Product Family
  • WebSphere Application Server Architecture
  • WebSphere Application Server V6 Installation
  • WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console
  • Changes in J2EE V1.4 Platform
  • WebSphere Rapid Deployment (WRD) and Fine Grain Application Updates
  • Application Assembly Using Application Server Toolkit (AST)
  • Command Line Scripting with wsadmin and Jython
  • Introduction to WebSphere Platform Messaging (WPM)
  • WebSphere Platform Messaging JMS and SIBus Resource Management
  • Security Overview
  • Integrated Performance Viewer
  • Problem Determination
  • Migration

Practical Work

This course is applicable to Windows & UNIX implementations and utilizes Windows 2000 to perform hands-on exercises.The skills and concepts learned, however, apply to other operating systems including Linux, AIX and Solaris.
Price £1400

Dates on request


Public schedule Jun 20 Jul 20 Aug 20 Sep 20 Oct 20 Nov 20 Dec 20 Jan 21 Feb 21 Mar 21 Apr 21 May 21

We can run this course just for you - at our locations, a local hotel, or on your site. Please ask for details.

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