WebSphere Best Practices: Developing e-Business Solutions (WS8060GB) - 4.5 Days

This course will enable the students to design J2EE e-business applications. In particular, patterns (and anti-patterns) will be
investigated. Appropriate diagrams from the UML will be used.This course will also provide the students with the factors to take into account when designing an application where the presentation, controller, model, application (business rules), and persistence layers are loosely coupled. Students will analyze a complex case study to understand design tradeoffs. Both PC-based and paper-based exercises will be used.

This course is for programmers, designers, architects and others who already have skills in J2EE development.

To get the most out of this course students should be able to:
• Develop and test Servlets
• Develop and test JSPs
• Use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
• Develop and test session EJBs
• Develop and test CMP/BMP entity EJBs
• Develop J2EE applications in WebSphere Studio Application Developer or IBM Rational Application Developer
• Assemble WAR and EAR files in WebSphere Studio Application Developer or IBM Rational Application Developer
• Deploy J2EE applications in WebSphere Application Server
• Read and write XML and UML

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Identify some of the main problems and issues in J2EE development
• Identify principles and patterns that can be used in managing those concerns
• Use Struts, JUnit, Ant where appropriate
• Make informed decisions that influence the performance, security, testability and deployment of J2EE applications

The scope of the course covers:

• J2EE Architecture Review
• Introduction to Patterns
• The Exam Case Study
• Layered Architecture
• Best Practices for the Presentation Layer
• Testing J2EE Applications
• Struts
• JSP Recommendations
• Introduction to JSF
• EJB Patterns for the Business Layer
• EJB Patterns for the Data Layer
• EJB Exception Handling
• Logging
• Transaction Management
• Integration with Other Systems
• Building and Deploying

Practical Work

There are numerous hands-on exercises throughout the course
Price £1575


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We can run this course just for you - at our locations, a local hotel, or on your site. Please ask for details.

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