AP03: AIX 5L Essentials: AIX 5L TCP/IP Communications


This course on CD-ROM, will provide an introduction to TCP/IP concepts and configuration, including static and dynamic routing, the Network File System (NFS), Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS), Network Information System (NIS) and remote printing. Each subcourse builds on the previous subcourse, ensuring that you understand and build your knowledge.


This course is intended for anyone requiring TCP/IP networking skills on AIX.


· ISeries programming background (RPG, Cobol, C) or equivalent experience
· Lotus Notes/Domino basic user knowledge (Lotus Notes R5: Collecting and Organizing Information, Lotus Notes R5: Messaging and Working Remotely, Lotus Notes: Calendaring and Scheduling) or equivalent experience
· Knowledge of and experience with operating system commands (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT,
Windows 2000) and graphical windowed environments


TCP/IP and Routing
· TCP/IP Concepts
· Configuring TCP/IP
· Routing Concepts

Network File System
· NFS Concepts
· NFS Configuration
· Automounter Overview

DNS, NIS and Remote Printing
· DNS (Domain Name System)
· DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
· DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)
· Configuring and Managing NIS Date, Time and Location


On completion you will know the following:
· Describe the history, architecture and standards of TCP/IP
· Describe the core network of the TCP/IP suite and explain it's transport, routing and applications protocols
· Configure and manage the network file system to provide remote, transparent access to files and directories
· Describe the concepts and configuration of a Domain Name System in both static and dynamic IP environments
· Configure a Network Information System environment to maintain consistent configuration files throughout the network
· Explain the printing mechanism in a networked environment

Duration: 23 Hours

Cost: £725.00 Plus VAT