AP53: AIX 5L Basics


In this CD-ROM course, we highlight the main design objectives for the AIX system. Each subcourse builds on the previous one ensuring that you understand and build your knowledge accordingly.


Novice AIX users with little or no AIX or UNIX experience.


An understanding of operating system concepts would be useful.


Starting with AIX:
· Getting started with AIX
· Using the AIX System
· AIX Documentation
· Using Files and Directories
· File Permissions

Using Shells and Processes:
· Working with Shells
· Using Shell Variables
· Using the vi Editor
· Processes
· Controlling Processes

Advanced User Functions:
· Customizing the User Environment
· AIX Utilities


On completion you will know the following:
· How to log in and use the AIX System at it's basic level
· How to use the AIX Documentation
· Basic AIX Concepts
· Commonly used AIX Commands

AIX is an operating system released by IBM in 1996. Unlike most UNIX systems, AIX is the result of major rewriting of the UNIX system as opposed to recompiling source code.

Duration: 22 Hours

Cost: £730.00 Plus VAT