AP54: AIX 5L System Administration


In this course on CD-ROM, the main design objectives for the AIX system are highlighted.You are introduced to the roles and responsibilities of the system administrator, the tools available for system management, the installation process, system startup and shutdown, file systems, backup procedures, user administration, devices, printing, and scheduling. Each subcourse builds on top of the previous one, ensuring that you understand and build your knowledge.


New and experienced system administrators. New system administrators will be learning of the information presented for the first time. Experienced system administrators will use the information for transition from PC or Mainframe operation to AIX, or from a traditional UNIX platform to AIX.


· AIX Basics Module or equivalent skills


· Installation, Startup and Shutdown
· LVM, File Systems and Paging Space
· Backup, Security and User Administration
· Devices and Printing
· Scheduling Overview


On completion you will know the following:
· Identify the common RS/6000 configurations
· Install and update AIX
· Perform Basic System Administration
· Perform System Backup and Restore
· Manage System Storage and Paging Space
· Configure Printers, Mange Print Queues and Print Jobs
· Schedule Jobs


AIX is an operating system released by IBM in 1986. Unlike most UNIX systems, AIX is the result of major rewriting of the UNIX system as opposed to the recompiling of source code.

Duration: 40.5 Hours

Cost: £1260.00 Plus VAT