AP57: AIX 5L Differences


This course on CD-ROM is designed to enable the student to interpret and use the new features of AIX 5L, version 5.1, including Itanium support, kernel changes, file system changes, utility changes and much more.


This course is designed for System Administrators, Programmers and Support Personnel who will be installing, providing support for, or programming in the AIX.


Before starting this course, the student should have system administration experience with AIX Version 4.X.


· Installation and System Startup
· Application Development Environment Enhancements
· System Management and Utility Enhancements
· Enhancements to Subsystems


After taking this course, you will know the following:
· Upgrade and AIX system from AIX 4.3 to AIX 5L Version 5.1.
· Describe the features of AIX 5L that impact application development.
· Describe the AIX affinity with Linux.
· Describe the changes to System Management Tools.
· Describe and create JFS2 file systems.
· Describe network changes.
· Configure and use the System V print subsystem.

Duration: 23 Hours

Cost: £375.00 plus VAT