IX12CD: AIX Desktop Environment For Users - CD

What does the course cover?

AIX Desktop Environment for Users consist of two courses:

· AIX Windows for Users
· CDE for AIX Users

Who should attend?

Users of AIX Workstations who need to run UNIX applications in a graphical user interface environment.

Are there any prerequisites?

Working knowledge of AIX.

What topics are covered?

These courses teach you to use X-Windows and Common Desktop Environment

Course topics include:

· Window system and CDE walk through
· Window system concepts
· The CDE desktop
· CDE tools
· Customising X-Windows
· Customising CDE

Through the use of simulations built into the course, you will learn about the X-Windows and CDE environment without the need to logon on to an AIX system.

Cost: £100.00 plus VAT