IX28CD: AIX Version 4.3 Systems Administration - CD

What does the course cover?

AIX System Administration consists of five courses:
· Installation, Start-up and Shutdown
· Devices and Printing
· LVM, File Systems and Paging Space
· Backup, Security and User Administration
· Scheduling and Network Overview

Who should attend?

New and experienced system administrators. New system administrators will be learning of the information presented for the first time. Experienced system administrators will use the information for transition from PC or Mainframe operation to AIX, or from a traditional UNIX platform to AIX.

Are there any prerequisites?

· AIX Basics (5639-E04) or equivalent skills

What topics are covered?

Course topics include:
· Installing the AIX version 4 operating system, software and file sets
· Starting up and shutting down the system
· Using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)
· Configuring ASCII terminals and printer devices
· Managing physical and logical volumes
· Creating and managing user and group accounts
· Using backup and restore commands
· Scheduling system tasks
· Implementing customised file and directory access
· Basic networking concepts
· Software licensing

In addition to lab exercises, you are presented with "Ask Your Administrator" screens guide you in performing AIX system administration tasks in your actual working environment.

Cost £500.00 plus VAT