CISCO - CCNA Intro (640-821)

The Cisco® INTRO exam 640 821 is a qualifying exam for candidates pursuing Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. In the Cisco INTRO training course from ATS, compliant with CCNA 3.0 curriculum, expert instructor Michael Storm shows you fundamentals of TCP/IP, the OSI model, IP addressing, network hardware, IOS commands, and more. All ATS certification prep courses meet or exceed Cisco exam objectives. At the conclusion of this training course you will be familiar with basic network types, technologies, protocols, devices and management, and be prepared to pass the Cisco INTRO exam.

Course Outline

Module 1
Section A: Introduction Overview Objectives Prerequisites
Section B: Network Evolution Computer Networking History Network Types Enterprise Networks Storage Area Networks Content Delivery Networks Internetworking
Section C: Internetworking Network Development Islands of Animation TCP/IP Connectivity OSI Model Distributed Processing Ethernet 802.x
Section D: OSI Model Overview Layer Usage OSI Benefits Basic Functions
Section E: Upper OSI Model Layer 7 Layer 7 Services Layer 6 Layer 5
Section F: OSI - Layer 4 Layer 4 Data Transfer Layer 4 Protocols DOD vs. OSI Flow Control TCP Connections Sliding Window Process Layer 4 - Ports
Section G: OSI - Layer 3 Routing Addressing & Switching Layer 3 Protocols Route Selection Routing Process IP Addressing Assigning IP Address Router Function

Module 2
Section A: OSI - Layer 2 Data Communication MAC and LLC MAC Address Protocol Communications Protocols Dial Protocols IEEE Standards Data Encapsulation
Section B: OSI - Layer 1 Media Specifications Standards Topology Types Ethernet Topology Fast/Gig Ethernet Ring Topology FDDI Other Topologies
Section C: TCP/IP Protocol Protocol Functions IP Addressing Binary to Decimal Address Classes Other Classes
Section D: ADV IP Addressing Overview Subnet Masks Basic Addressing Reserved Addresses Other Reserved Ranges Unique Addresses Segmented Network
Section E: Network Devices Cisco Devices with OSI Layer 3 Router Router Functions Layer 2 Switching Layer 2 Hardware
Section F: Ethernet Cabling UTP UTP Identification Connecting Devices Coaxial Ethernet Fiber-Optic OC Specifications

Module 3
Section A: Router Introduction · Basic Wan/LAN · Lab Environment · Internal Components · Boot Process · Console Connection
Section B: IOS Access Commands · Router Login · Global Configuration Mode · Enable Mode Password · Secret Password · Access Point Examples · Encrypt All Passwords
Section C: Basic Commands · Set Enable Password · Set Secret Password · Test Passwords · Set Console/Aux · Set Telnet Password · Set Encryption
Section D: IOS Maintenance Commands · IOS Help · Terminal Editing · Displaying Config · Setup Mode · Saving Options · Backup Config · Backup IOS · Restore a Config
Section E: ID & Interface Commands · Change Hostname · Banner · Access Interface · Assign IP Address · Changing Hostname · Running Configuration · Interface Command · Troubleshoot Interface
Section F: IOS Configuration · Add Banner/Password · Configure IP Addresses · Save/Verify Configuration · Modify Configuration · View/Verify/Save
Section G: Access & Discovery · Using Telnet · CDP · CDP Neighbors · CDP Lab · CDP Neighbor Detail · Access Routers · Use IP Host Mapping · Manage Telnet Sessions

Per User Bundle Price £ 440 (Bundle of 3)

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