Flash MX 2004 Training - FMX4

Macromedia’s Flash software has become the professional tool of choice for designers and developers who create rich Web content. In the Flash MX 2004 training course from ATS, you’ll learn to use this latest version of Flash to integrate video clips, text, sound and images to build interactive projects like sales presentations, e-learning applications, and user interfaces. Expert instructor Andy Anderson starts by introducing you to the Flash MX 2004 environment and proceeds step-by-step to advanced topics like animation, movies, and effects. At the conclusion of this training course you’ll understand how to use Flash MX 2004 to build a wide variety of media-rich applications.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction · Compatibility · New Features · Usage

Section B: Interface Overview · Opening MX 2004 · Tools Palette · Timeline · Panels

Section C: Creating a Flash Movie · Stage & Work Area · Properties · Timeline Objects · Test Movie · Documents & Images · Published Document · Vector vs. Raster · Converting Raster to Vector

Section D: Drawing Tools · Pencil Tool · Paint Brush Tool · Pen Tool · Line Tool · PolyStar Tool · Oval & Rectangle Tool · Changing Stroke & Fill · Other Tools

Section E: Importing & Manipulating Images · File Types · Importing Location · Importing Images · Selection Tool · Subselection Tool · Selection Tool Options · Free Transform Tool

Section F: Relative vs. Absolute · Scale Options · Using Info Panel · Transform Panel

Section G: Objects & Timelines · Timeline Layer · Using Timeline · Add New LayersWorking with Layers · Organizing Layers · Merge Objects · Cutout Objects · Objects with Layers

Module 2

Section A: Animation Animation at Work Action Layer Modify Tweening Modify Timing Publish Out

Section B: Create Animation Document Control Layer Controls Frame by Frame Using Onion Skin Animation Cycle

Section C: Motion Tweening Predictable Animation Instance Effects Library Work with Symbols Apply Tween Shape Changing

Section D: Working with Motion Create Motion Tween Attach Guidelayer Modify Guideline Ease-In/Ease-Out Reverse Frames

Section E: Shape Tweening Shape Transformation Tween Options Shape Hint Shape Manipulation Text Shape Tweening Break Apart Text Distribute to Layers

Section F: Project Management Project Layout File Usage Animation Design Set Stage Text Animation Combined Effect

Section G: Symbols Library Concepts Behaviors Create Symbol Edit Symbol Instance Effects New Symbol Movie Clip

Section H: Raster/Bitmap Images Image Types Import Images Transparency Manipulate Image Scale Image Publishing

Module 3

Section A: Movie Clips · Using Movie Clips · Create Movie Clip · Create Rotation · Work with Library · Adjust/Edit Movie Clip · Control Movie Clip

Section B: Buttons · Build with Buttons · Button States · Enable Action · Animated Button · Use Movie Clip · Rollover Effect · Hit State Button · Hit Spot

Section C: Sound · Audio Formats · Audio Editors · Import Sound · Sound Properties · Add to Stage · Sound Controls · Publish Setting

Section D: Video · Importing · Editing Clips · Working with Clips · Actions · Movie Controls · ActionScripting · Bandwidth Profiler · Behaviors

Section E: Text · Text Types · Text Properties · Anti-alias · Format Text · Device Fonts · Font MappingSerif vs. San Serif · Dynamic & Input Text

Section F: Effects · Mask Layers · Animated Masks · Set Masked Layer

Section G: Components · Component Types · Drag & Drop Components · Component Inspector · Test Form · Publish Settings · Compression Options · Profiles

Price £ 358 (Bundle of 3)

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