Windows 2002 Directory Services Administration - W2DS


ATS’s Windows 2000 Directory Services Administration training course is critical to anyone needing to support an Active Directory on Windows 2000. Expert Michael Storm takes you step-by-step through the essential elements of managing resources with group policy, managing active directory components, remote installation services for new workstations, security control, disaster recovery, and automatically deploying applications with group policy. At the conclusion of this course you will understand how to administer a majority of active directory components and be prepared for exam #70-217

Module 1

Section A: Active Directory Concepts Logical Structure Active Directory Domains Active Directory Naming Domain Controllers Physical Structure Domain name System

Section B: Active Directory Installation Installation Requirements Configuring Active Directory Verifying the Installation

Section C: Operations Masters Schema Master Domain Naming Master RID master Infrastructure Master PDC Emulator Global Catalog Server Performance

Section D: Physical Structure Implementation Site Structure Creating Sites Creating Subnets Site Links Site Link Bridge Moving Domain Controllers

Section E: Replication Management Intra-site Inter-site Scheduling Inter DC Relationships

Module 2

Section A: Backup AD Back Restoring Active Directory Non-Authoritative Restore Authoritative Restore Distinguished Name Restore AD

Section B: User Management Create User User Properties Account Options Profile Telephone Organization Dial-in Security Terminal Services

Section C: Object Management Group Scope & Type Group Properties Computer Accounts Computer Properties Move Objects

Section D: Resource Management Resource Sharing Sharing Printers Locate Printers Security Advanced Access

Section E: Active Directory Optimization Group Strategy Group Example AD Object Replication Performance Monitor NTDS Monitoring Support Tools Troubleshooting

Section F: DNS Integration TCP/IP Name Resolution Name Space DNS Resolution Types Zones

Module 3

Section A: DNS Implementation Integrated Zones New Zone Zone Type Zone Transfers WINS Issues

Section B: Remote Installation Services RIS Requirements Image Support RIS Process Install RIS Setup Wizard Authorize RIS

Section C: RIS Client Configuration Delegate Authority Advanced Properties Prestage a Client Boot Disk RIS Troubleshooting

Section D: Group Policy Introduction Features Group Policy Objects Group Policy Snap-in

Section E: Group Policy Creation Implementation Setting Policy Test Policy

Section F: Scripts & Folders Security No Override Link Policy Modify Policy Scripts Folder Redirection

Module 4

Section A: Inheritance & Delegation Inheritance Policy Testing Policy Overriding Policy Delegating Authority

Section B: Security Policies Group Policy Security Password Policy Settings Account Lockout Policy Local Policies

Section C: Audit Policy Auditing Options Domain Level Auditing Viewing the Log

Section D: Security Templates Overview Creating Policies Security Template Snap-in SCAT Database

Section E: Application Deployment Overview Installer Package Software Deployment Policy Development OptionsSoftware Categories Testing Setup

Section F: Software Assignment Package Creation Software Deployment Troubleshooting

Price £ 625

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