Windows 2002 Skills Update - W2SK


The Windows 2000 Skills Update from ATS is a comprehensive training course for experienced network administrators who need to incorporate Windows 2000 into existing Windows NT 4.0 networks. Expert Michael Storm provides critical information and practical insights based on experience to show network managers how to prepare for, implement and manage mixed-environment networks.

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Prerequisites Exam 70-240 Explanation

Section B: Installing Windows 2000 Hardware Requirements Server Upgrade Requirements Server Upgrade Process Outlined Clean Install Upgrade from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 After the Install Deploying Service Packs

Section C: Unattended Install Options Setup Manager Wizard Launch Unattended Installation Sysprep

Section D: Hardware Support Plug & Play Modem Hardware Driver Signing Device Manager Display Devices Mobile Computer Hardware Multiple Processors Network Cards

Section E: Desktop Features Configuring the Desktop Multi-language Support Fax Support User Profiles Working Offline Making a File Available Offline

Section F: Hard Disk Support File Systems NTFS Quotas Dynamic Disks Volume Mount Points Section G: File & Printer Access Local File Access Shared File Access Printer Access

Module 2

Section A: Active Directory Concepts Logical Structure Domain Trees & Forests Active Directory Domain Resources Active Directory Naming Strategy Domain Controllers Physical Structure DNS Integration

Section B: Installing Active Directory Requirements DC PROMO DNS Options Verify Install

Section C: Operations Master Schema Master Domain Naming Master RID Master Infrastructure Master PDC Emulator Global Catalog Servers Transferring Roles Active Directory Interface Seize a Master Role

Section D: Organizational Units OU Definition Create an OU Create OU User Delegate Authority

Section E: Active Directory Physical Structure Structure Explanation Add Site Create a Subnet Site Links Generate a Site Link Site Link Bridge

Section F: Active Directory Replication Intra-site Replication Inter-site Replication

Section G: Active Directory Backup & Restore Backup Restoring Non-Authoritative Authoritative Doing a Non-Authoritative Restore Doing an Authoritative Restore

Module 3

Section A: Active Directory Performance & Monitoring Domain Controller Performance Monitoring Active Directory Active Directory Replication Monitor

Section B: Users & Groups Create Users Moving a User Account Windows 2000 Groups Creating Groups

Section C: Publishing Resources Publishing a Shared Folder Publishing a Shared Printer Searching for Published Resources Searching the Directory

Section D: Group Policies Introduction Group Policy Objects (GPO’s) Group Policy Processing Order Creating &Editing GPO’s Implementing a GPO

Section E: GPO Inheritance GPO Inheritance Blocking Policy Inheritance GPO Conflicts

Section F: GPO Security & Auditing Enforcing Security with GPO’s

Section G: GPO Filtering & Delegation Delegating GPO Authority Filtering GPO’s from Particular Users

Section H: Security Templates & Analysis Setting up a MMC for Security Templates Looking at Some Security Templates Applying a Security Template Security Configuration & Analysis

Section I: Windows Installer Windows Installer Benefits to Windows Installer Windows Installer & Active Directory

Module 4

Section A: Group Policy Software Deployment Publishing an Application Installation Properties Testing the Installation

Section B: Group Policy Software Assignment Assigning an Application Testing the Installation

Section C: Distributed File System Introduction DFS Benefits & Technology Domain Based/Stand Alone DFS Setting Up DFS DFS Replication Using DFS Setting Up a DFS Root Setting Up DFS Links Mapping to the DFS DFS Replication

Section D: Remote Installation Services Introduction RIS Process RIS Limitations Setting Up RIS RIS Components RIS Image Support Creating a RIS Server Installing & Configuring a RIS Server

Section E: RIS Client Configuration Client Settings Create GPO for RIS Pre-Stage Client Computers Starting a RIS Installation RIS Troubleshooting

Section F: Reliability & Recovery Windows 2000 Reliability Encrypting File System Windows 2000 Recovery

Section G: DNS Windows 2000 DNS Features DNS Resolution Types DNS Root Server DNS Caching-Only Server DNS Dynamic Update DNS Interface DNS Server Properties DNS Zone Properties

Module 5

Section A: WINS Enhanced Features WINS Properties WINS Database

Section B: DHCP New Features Scopes Server Properties Scope Properties Create a New Scope Create a Superscope Create a Mulitcast Scope

Section C: RAS, Dial-In & VPN Types of RAS RAS Policy Multi Link Connections Authentication Routing & RAS Setup RAS Ports RAS Policy New Policy Edit Profile VPN Client Connect VPN

Section D: IP Routing – RIP Routing Protocols RIP OSPF Design Static Routing ROUTE Command Router Configuration RIP Properties RIP Status

Section E: IP Routing – OSPF OSPF OSPF Status

Section F: Demand Dial Routing Other Services Features Enable DDR

Module 6

Section A: NAT Internet Connection Sharing Special Features NAT Example Install NAT Configure Interfaces Setup Addresses NAT Properties

Section B: Terminal Services Features of Terminal Services Requirements for Terminal Services Remote Administration Mode Install Terminal Services Applications for Terminal Services Install Applications Configuration

Section C: Terminal Services – Licensing Introduction Licensing Server Server Install Connections RDP Properties User Specific Settings Client Setup

Section D: Certificate Services Overview Authority Types Certificate Contents

Section E: IP Sec Overview Encryption & Authentication Secure Conversations IPSec Policy IP Traffic Filters

Price £ 875

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