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Extensible Markup Language (XML) has become a standard for developing distributed applications. In our XML Essentials course, expert instructor Martin Schaeferle offers an overview of XML for IT professionals, business decision makers, system administrators and anyone who needs a basic understanding of this Web development tool. At the conclusion of this course, you'll be familiar with the uses and features of XML and have the foundation to coordinate projects with developers building XML-based Web applications.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction to XML • What is XML? • GML & SGML • RTF • Origin of the Internet • HTML • History of Markup Languages • Top XML Design Goals • W3C & Use of XML • XML Myths

Section B: XML Structure • XML File Type • Well-formed XML • Defining Content • Rules for Elements • XML Declaration • Using Attributes Tools for XML

Section C: Defining Content • Content Strategies • Content Methods • Entity References • CDATA • Namespace • URL & URN • Default Namespace • DTD • XML Schemas

Section D: Applying XML • Document Object Model • XML Parsers • XML on the Web • XML with Client-side Scripting • Server-side Scripting with XML • XML in Stand Alone App

Section E: Extending XML • Introduction • Applying Style with CSS • Applying Style with XSL • XPath Language & XSL-FO • XML with XSL Applied • BizTalk Initiative• BizTalk Server • Microsoft .NET Initiative

Section F: XHTML • Introduction • HTML vs. XML • Well-formed HTML • Introduction of XHTML • XHTML DTDs • Transform HTML to XHTML • Using JavaScript with XHTML

Price £225 (Bundle of 1)

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