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In this XML primer for Java programmers, expert instructor Neal Ford begins with XML basics and moves through critical topics including validation using Document Type Definitions (DTD) and XML Schemas, data manipulation using the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple API for XML (SAX), and creating and using Web services with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). At the conclusion of this training course you’ll understand how to access, utilize and distribute XML data using the Java language.

Prerequisites: Previous Java programming recommended. Basic understanding of XML helpful...

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: XML Primer Introduction Need for XML Distribution XML Basics Elements Attributes

Section B: XML Validity DTDs Recurrence Modifiers DTD Elements/Attributes DTD Issues XMLSchema XSD Types Obtaining a Parser Add Parser to ClassPath

Section C: SAX ContentHandler Overview Major SAX APIs SAX Characteristics SAXReader ContentHandler Implement ContentHandler Parse XML Document

Section D: SAX DefaultHandler & ErrorHandler ErrorHandler Parse Broken Document DefaultHandler Extend DefaultHandler DefaultHandler Flags Attributes Construct String

Section E: Advanced SAX Activating Validation XML Filter Basics Filter Options Implement SAXFilter Run SAXFilter Filter Chain Order LexicalHandler DeclHandler Interface

Section F: Document Object Model Overview Node Methods NodeType Constants getNodeValue Returns More Node Methods JAR Files Parsing a Doc Console Output

Module 2

Section A: DOM Characteristics XMLSerializer Element Node FileOutputStream Pass in XML New DOM Elements Positioning Methods Search DOM Tree TreeViewer

Section B: DOM Configuration Example Namespaces The Private Constructor Build Default Config Recurse DOM Tree

Section C: DOM Level 2 Singleton Object Supporting Namespaces Modules Traverse & Filter Define a Filter Work with Ranges Level 3 Methods DOM Factory

Section D: JDOM Basics Characteristics Class Methods SAXBuilder/DOMBuilder Output Classes Downloading JDOM Building JDOM Applying JDOM

Section E: Using JDOM Design Method Read/Write XML Dynamic Load Parser Using JDOM Class Config from XML WAR File Servlet Element WarConfigReader

Section F: JDOM Applied Processing Properties Processing Entries output.vml Doc Wrappers Wrap JDOM Element Element Wrap Code

Module 3

Section A: JAXP What is JAXP? Specifications/RI Factory Classes Using a JAXP Factory Version Changes Methods/Factories

Section B: XSLT Overview XML to HTML wml.xsl EDI Technique

Section C: Xalan Characteristics ErrorListener URIResolver Transformer Installation Using Xalan1 Using Xalan2

Section D: Cocoon Publishing Frameworks The Process XSLT Using Cocoon Browsers & Versions Version 1 Installation Run Sample Version 2

Section E: XSP in Cocoon XSP Basics Page Element Tags More Elements Hello World Logicsheet Library Tags JavaScript

Section F: RPC with XML Distributed Computing XML RPCs RPC Paradigm Marshalling Data Using RPC in Java Handler Class/Server Class Implement Client XML RPC in Action

Section G: SOAP with Java SOAP Overview SOAP Basic Web Services AXIS AXIS Handlers Building Web Services Invoke Web Service AXIS & WSDL

Price £550 (Bundle of 3)

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