AS/400 Java Introduction - AJV1


AS/400 Java Introduction is a self-paced, audio-cassette course specifically designed to bring experienced AS/400 programmers up to speed with the Java language. The course presumes no prior Java experience and guides the student through the process of downloading the JDK, configuring it on the PC, accessing the documentation, compiling and running Java programs, deploying applets on the AS/400 web server, installing the AS/400 Toolkit for Java, and accessing DB2/400 database files. The programming examples illustrate the important, basic, object- oriented programming concepts that present a hurdle to many experienced programmers. The course focuses on building practical GUI interfaces in applets for the purpose of accessing AS/400 database files

  • Download and install a Java Development Kit
  • Download and install the IBM AS/400 Toolkit for Java
  • Understand Java language syntax and follow common programming practices.
  • Compile Java classes and interpret compile errors.
  • Design applets with common GUI components.
  • Configure Java-related options in the leading web browsers.
  • Deploy applets on an AS/400 web server.
  • Retrieve data from DB2/400 database files and display it in an applet.
  • Process data entered in an applet and store it in DB2/400 database files.

Java Concept
Packages, Classes, Methods, and Variables
Superclasses and Subclasses
Variable Scope

The Applet Class
Applet Methods and Behavior
The <Applet> HTML Tag
Passing Parameters to an Applet
Web Browser Options

Java Syntax
Defining Classes, Methods, and Variables
Access Control
Code Blocking
Logic Controls
Common Practices and Naming Conventions

Graphical User Interfaces
TextFields and TextAreas
Checkbox and Radio Buttons
List Boxes and Choices
Layout Managers
Handling Events

Database Access
Using the IBM AS/400 Toolkit for Java
JDBC Driver
SQL Access

Experienced AS/400 programmers who need or want to learn Java and access AS/400 database files with Java applets.

Recommended Prerequisites
Basic PC operations experience
Web browser/Internet usage experience
Some HTML experience
Some SQL experience
Client Access/400 experience
IBM HTTP Server or I/Net server configuration and operations experience
Windows 95, 98, or NT

Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes

Ten Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Interactive Software

Time Required :
Approximately 14 Hours

Price: £895

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