JavaScript for Developers Part 2 - JAS2

The Advanced JavaScript training course from ATS completes the JavaScript series begun with JavaScript For Developers. Expert instructor Campbell Gunn uses his extensive experience at integrating solutions from software produced by different vendors to provide information usually found only in multiple reference sources. At the conclusion of this course you'll understand how to effectively use JavaScript to develop richer, more dynamic client-side Web pages.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Adaptive Forms Overview Create Adaptive Forms Using DIV Tags Dynamic Forms Change Colors/Fonts

Section B: Tag Hierarchies Overview Grouping with DIV Tags Color/Font Positioning Tags Questions

Section C: Document Level Keyboard Events Overview Key Codes in Netscape Key Codes in Internet Explorer Display Help Using Case Statement & Keyboard Events Display Lists

Section D: Tag Level Keyboard Events/Print Events Overview Using onKeyPress Using checkLength Display Instructions Case Statement Print Events in IE5 onBeforePrint/onAfter Questions

Section E: Creating Menus Site Menus Create a Site Menu Using Site Menu Context Menus Create a Context Menu Using Context Menus Questions

Section F: Creating Objects Objects Properties/Methods Using Custom Objects Object Properties Using Methods/Removing Properties Create Methods Removing Methods Complex Objects Inheritance/Hierarchy Arrays

Module 2

Section A: Frames Overview Manipulating Frames Creating Frames Working with Child Frames onBlur/onFocus Resizing Questions

Section B: Cookies Understanding Cookies Creating Cookies Using Cookies Open/Read Cookies Creating Bookmarks Active Server Pages Serverside Cookies Questions

Section C: Applets Overview Field/Method Definitions Communicating with Applets Using Threaded Applets Applet Features Applets in HTML Pages Questions

Section D: JavaScript Libraries Overview Creating Libraries Using Libraries Use Libraries on the Client Using Libraries on the Server Questions

Section E: Performance Tips Caching Objects Overhead of Objects/Methods Techniques for Caching Code Questions

Price £375 (Bundle of 2)

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