Windows NT Professional End User - NT4U

Expert Aaron Spurlock makes it easy to understand the features and function of the Windows NT operating system. This training course provides valuable instruction to help users get up to speed quickly and operate effectively within Windows NT

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction

Section B: Security and Desktop Concepts Logon and Permission Desktop Tou

Section C: Interacting with the Desktop Mouse Use Taskbar, Menus, Toolbars Selecting Windows and Keyboard Commands Minimize, Maximize, and Close Background/Wallpaper Screen Savers and Password Color Schemes, Icons, and Sizes Sizing Your Screen with Resolution

Section D: Programs and Accessories Calculator, Notepad, and WordPad Cut, Delete, Paste, and Undo Games Startup and Other Accessories

Section E: Exploring the Start Menu Document and Settings Options Taskbar Properties and Tool Tip Find Option Help Option Run Option and Shut Down

Section F: Windows NT Overview Command Prompt Title Bar Tools and Functions Resizing and Scroll Bars Various Ways to Start Applications

Section G: Running Multiple Applications Open Several Applications Maneuvering Multiple Applications

Module 2

Section A: Introduction

Section B: Working with DOS Applications Opening Two or More DOS Applications at Once Name and Hardware Restrictions

Section C: My Computer Drives and Properties Files and Folders Selecting and Moving Files Copy and Delete/Recycle bin Creating a Shortcut View Folder Options Copy and Paste Move Files and File Display

Section D: Network Neighborhood Maneuvering within Files, Servers, etc. Map Network Drive

Section E: Windows Explorer Maneuvering the Tree

Section F: The Settings Option Taskbar Properties Organizing Folders Clearing Documents Printer Wizard Spooling Network Printing

Section G: Network Printers Selecting Printer and Drivers Network Printer Options and Properties

Module 3

Section A: Introduction

Section B: Control Panel Add/Remove Programs Date and Time Regional Settings Display Properties Mouse Properties

Section C: DOS Settings Command Prompt Properties Options: Font, Layout, Colors, Change the Path

Section D: Adding Users and Groups New User Group Membership

Section E: Securing Your Workstation Local Drive Properties Policies, Properties, and Permissions

Section F: Sharing Files NTFS and FAT Sharing Selecting Groups Sharing Devices

Section G: Sharing Printers Setting Up Share and Security Printing Options

Section H: Diagnosing Problems Event Viewer Event Log WIN NT Diagnostics Taskbar Task Manager

Section I: Disk Utilities Compressing Files and Uncompressing Error Checking Option

Price £185 (Bundle of 3)

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