Windows NT Server - NT4S

This training guides you through the core technologies necessary for practical implementation and support of NT Server. Expert instructor Heather Osterloh is an MCT, CNI/CNE and a Certified Network Expert.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Prerequisites Course Outline

Section B: Similarities of NT Workstation & NT Server Overview Hardware Profile & Docking Station Local & Shared Security Multi-Processing Memory Protection Memory Manager User Mode Kernel Mode & HAL

Section C: NT Workstation vs. NT Server Workstation Specifics Single Domain Model Domain Model

Section D: NT Server Roles Primary Domain Controller – PDC Backup Domain Controller – BDC Non-Domain Controller – NDC Stand Alone Server

Section E: Installation Preparation Hardware Requirements NTHZ Utility & Partitioning Require Installation Information Installation Methods CISC & RISC Platform WINNNT.EXE or WINNT32.EXE

Section F: Installation DOS Portion of Installation & Setup Graphical Portion of Installation NT Server Setup Finishing Setup & Test

Section G: Upgrading & Removing Win 95 & Previous Versions of NT

Section H: Domain Logon Explanation of Process

Section I: Server Manager Tool Capabilities Domain Issues & Migrating Add Computer Accounts to a Domain Additional Options Shared Directories Promoting Y Demoting BDC & PDC’s Synchronization

Module 2

Section A: Domain Account Management Domain Users Local & Global Groups Default Domain Groups Special & Domain Groups Strategies User Manager for Domain Tool User Admin Properties Groups & Profile Hours, Logon, Account, & Dial In

Section B: Domain Policies Account Policy User Rights Audit Policy

Section C: Profiles Overview of Local & Roaming Synchronize BDC to PDC Local Profile Establishing Roaming Profile Sharing a Profile

Section D: System Policy Editor Explanation Templates Individual, Group, & Computer Changes Section E: Directory Replication Overview Managing Import & Export Directories Automatic Startup of PCC & BDC Replication of System Policy

Section F: File Systems FAT vs. NTFS Convert Utility

Section G: Disk management & Fault Tolerance Partitions, Volume Sets Stripe Sets (RAID 0) Mirroring & Duplexing (RAID 1) Strip Set with Parity (RAID 5)

Module 3

Section A: Disk Administrator Create a Primary Partition Mirroring Striped Set with Parity Recovering a Failed Stripe Set with Parity and Mirrored Set Creating a Recovery Boot Disk ARC Naming Convention ARC Path to Secondary Drive

Section B: Networking Protocols 7 Layer OSI Model Microsoft Networking Model Comparing Networking Protocols Client/Server Relationship IPC’s Implemented as API’s & File System Drivers

Section C: NetWare Connectivity NW Link and Client Services for NetWare GSNW – Gateway Services for NetWare Enabling the NT Gateway Installing Gateway Services for NetWare

Section D: NetWare Migration Using Migration Tool for NetWare Trial Migration

Section E: Installing TCP/IP TCP/IP Protocol Suite TCP/IP Configuration TCP/IP Utilities

Section F: Installing DHCP Creating a Scope DHCP Global Options Verifying DHCP

Section G: Installing WINS Overview of WINS WINS Manager

Section H: Installing DNS Explanation of Domain Name Service Create DNS Server and Zone Configure Name to IP Address Mapping

Module 4

Section A: Browser Service Roles of Browsers Browsing Across Bridges or Routes

Section B: Internet Services Internet vs. Intranet IIS & PWS Microsoft Internet Service Manager & Internet Tools Security & Installation Service Properties & Access

Section C: Remote Access Service Overview Modem & Protocol Configuration Remote Access Administration Dial-up Networking

Section D: Printing Using Printer Wizard Printing Options Connecting to Printer & Remote Control Changing Output or Ports

Section E: Client Support Client Licensing License Manager Client Software Included Network Client Administrator Creating an Installation Startup Disks MS DOS Network Client v. 3.0 LAN Manager 2.X & Win 95

Section F: Macintosh Services AppleTalk Protocol Properties Mac Accessible Volume Mac File Attributes & Connecting


Price £625 (Bundle of 4)

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