Windows NT TCP/IP - NT4T

ATS’s TCP/IP for Windows NT 4.0 training will gain you the knowledge and ability to successfully implement, administer, and troubleshoot information systems that incorporate Microsoft TCP/IP. Expert instructor Heather Osterloh leads you through the essentials of TCP/IP.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Outline

Section B: Overview of TCP/IP Request for Comments OSI Model D.D Model Microsoft Model ARP $ RARP TCP &UDP Application Type Interfaces

Section C: IP Addressing Basics Three Necessities IP Addressing Binary to Decimal Conversions Classes Hosts per Network

Section D: Subnetting Planning Masks Borrowing Bits Hosts per Subnet

Section E: Invalid/Reserved Addresses Reserved Invalid Host Values

Section F: Shout or Route? Locating Host & Subnet

Section G: ARP Function ARP Cache Resolving for Local Hosts Resolving for Remote Hosts ARP Utility

Section H: Installing & Configuring TCP/IP Domains Basic Installation Ping Utility

Section I: TCP/IP Utilities FTP & TFTP Telnet RCP, RSH, & REXEC IP Config LPQ & LPR NBT STAT Host Name

Module 2

Section A: IP Routing Dynamic Static Dynamic Route Model Static Route Model Creating Static Route Table Route Utility View Table Add Entry Router Test Router

Section B: RIP Add RIP Trace the Route

Section C: RARP and Boot P Limitations Capabilities

Section D: DHCP Overview Four Phrases Lease Model Non-DHCP Clients Options

Section E: Installing DHCP Add the Service Add the Subnet Scopes Options Obtain an Address DHCP Relay

Section F: Net BIOS Names Explanation Naming Net BIOS on TCP/IP Scope ID Troubleshooting

Section G: IP HOST Names Explanations HOSTS Files Change IP HOST Name

Module 3

Section A: Name Resolution Methods Explanation Mode Types B Mode P Mode M Mode H Mode

Section B: LM HOSTS and HOSTS Explanation Look at LM HOSTS File Rename LM HOSTS Connect

Section C: WINS Explanations How WINS Works Registering a Name Renewing a Name Releasing a Name WINS Server Non-WINS Clients

Section D: Configuring WINS Add WINS Mapping View Mappings Two Ways to Map Create a WINS Client Configuring Proxy Agent

Section E: WINS Replication Explanation Push vs. Pull Replication Time Create Push/Pull Relationship Configuring Options

Section F: DNS Definition Explanation Definition Hierarchy Name Servers Name Server Functions Database Files Records

Section G: Configuring DNS Add DNS Zones Add HOSTS Record Create Inverse Look Up Zone Enable DNS Client

Module 4

Section A: Browsing Explanation Roles of Browsers Browser Service & NetBIOS Add a LM HOST Entry

Section B: Installing ITP Server Install Internet Information Server FTP Properties Save a File Access that File

Section C: TCP/IP Printing Cross Platform Support Configure Add TCP/IP Printing Service Create Printer Print a File

Section D: SNMP Agents and Managers Management Information Base Community Properties

Section E: Network Monitor Installation Tour of Screen Options Capture Display Option Look at a Frame Save the Capture ARP Request and Reply ICMP Request and Reply Filter

Price £625 (Bundle of 4)

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