Novell Netware 5 Intergrating Windows NT (#50-644) - NL5N

ATS’s NetWare 5 Administration training Course guides you through the core technologies of networking with NetWare 5 and teaches the role of NDS in the network. Our comprehensive instruction provides leveraging techniques to make administration easier. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you optimize service levels, increase the productivity of your network users, and prepare for CNE Certification. Exam #50-639.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: The Windows Family Windows 95/98 NT Server & Workstation

Section B: The Windows NT Registry Registry Overview Using the Registry Editing & Backup

Section C: Windows File Systems File System Types NTFS Specifics Basic Security Advanced Security

Section D: Sharing Resources Defining Sharing Sharing

Section E: Windows NT Utilities Utilities Overview Utilities Rundown

Section F: Windows NT Networking NT Protocols NT Network Structures Roles Adding to a Domain

Module 2

Section A: NT Users & Groups Adding Users Default Users Domain Membership Default Groups Local Groups Global Groups Group Strategies

Section B: NT Security Overview Audit Policy NT Logon Logon Details Logon Process Account Policies

Section C: NT User Profiles Overview Profile Setup Roaming Profiles Mandatory Profiles Pre-Configured Profiles

Section D: NT System Policies Overview Setup Policies Group Policies Computer Policies Applying Policies

Section E: NT Domain Models Single Domain Trust Relationships Setup Trusts Single Master Domain Multiple Master Domain Complete Trust

Module 3

Section A: NDS for NT Overview Benefits How it Works Requests After NDS NDS for NT Components

Section B: Installing NDS for NT Overview Domain Objects into NDS Install Login Configuration Move Objects into NDS Associate users Workstations

Section C: NDS Replicas on NT Replica Placement Install Admin Utilities View Objects Domain Object Wizard Show NDS Service

Section D: NT User Access Domain Membership New User Properties Add User to Domain Password Synchronization Using NT’s Utilities

Section E: Novell Client for NT Features Installing the Client Automate Upgrade Troubleshooting

Section F: Policies Placing Policies Set Policies Effective Policies Dynamic Local User Dynamic User Settings Test Logon Conclusion

Price £ 475 (Bundle of 3)

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