Novell Netware 5 NDS Design & Implementation (#50-635) - NL5N

ATS’s NetWare 5 Administration training Course guides you through the core technologies of networking with NetWare 5 and teaches the role of NDS in the network. Our comprehensive instruction provides leveraging techniques to make administration easier. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you optimize service levels, increase the productivity of your network users, and prepare for CNE Certification. Exam #50-639

Course Outline

Module 1
Section A: Introduction Course Overview Bindery vs. NDS How NDS Works Benefits of NDS
Section B: NDS Design Preparation Why Plan? Issues Phases Project Management NDS Design Cycle
Section C: NDS Tree Design Steps Naming Standard Our Standard Property Naming Standard
Section D: Upper NDS Layers Tree Issues Pyramid Design Building the Organization Organizational Units Geographic Structure Functional Design Geographic Design Regional Design Exceptions
Section E: Lower NDS Layers Using Lower Layers Administrative Approach Final Considerations Applying Rules
Section F: Bindery Services Backward Compatibility Bindery Context NDS Conversion Set Up

Module 2
Section A: NDS Partitioning Why Partition & Replicate? Partitions Separating Partitions Family Tree
Section B: NDS Replication Replicas Replica Types NDS Tree Replica Partitioning with Replicas Distributing Replicas
Section C: Managing Replicas NDS Manager Views Create Partition Merging Partitions Keeping in Synchronization Transitive Synchronization Tree Walking
Section D: Partition & Replica Strategy Strategies Partition Boundaries Replica Placement Add Replica Other Considerations
Section E: Replica Tables Overview Create Table Subordinate References Fault Tolerance Apply Strategy
Section F: WAN Traffic Manager Overview Components Policies WAN Policies LAN Area Cost

Module 3
Section A: Time Synchronization Steps Time Zones & UTC Checking Time Settings
Section B: IPX Time Synchronization Time in an IPX Environment Check Settings Single Reference Primary Reference & Primary
Section C: Configuring TimeSync Steps Configured Lists Making Changes The Dictatorship The Democracy Polling Intervals
Section D: IP Time Synchronization Time in an IP Environment NTP Configuration File Using NTP
Section E: Time Synchronization Strategy Overview Time Provider Groups Multiple Locations Configuring Time Synchronization
Section F: Troubleshooting Time Synchronization TimeSync Problems Problem Solving
Section G: User Environment Planning Overview Accessibility Guidelines

Module 4
Section A: Administrative Strategy Overview View Policy Package Search Policy Log in Scripts Create Profile Object
Section B: Security Guidelines Enterprise Administrator Assigning Rights Server Administrator Password Administrator Modifying Rights User Account Defaults
Section C: Mobile Users Overview Catalog Services Setting Up a Catalog Rights Assignments Catalog Dredger Query Catalog Contextless Log in
Section D: Merging Theory Overview Impact of a Merge Effects Strategies Renaming Orgs
Section E: Merging Trees Prepare to Merge Synchronization Time Synchronization Schema Perform the Merge Rename OU Merge Process Moving Containers NW Admin NDS Manager Putting it All Together

Price £ 625 (Bundle of 3)

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