Novell Netware 5 Service and Support (#50-637) - NL5S

ATS’s NetWare 5 Administration training Course guides you through the core technologies of networking with NetWare 5 and teaches the role of NDS in the network. Our comprehensive instruction provides leveraging techniques to make administration easier. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you optimize service levels, increase the productivity of your network users, and prepare for CNE Certification. Exam 580.

Course Outline

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Course Overview Tasks Troubleshooting Model
Section B: ESD Effects ESD Control Helpful Hints
Section C: Record Keeping Documentation LAN Records
Section D: Diagnostic Tools Types of Tools Novell Support AppNotes SupportSource FCC ID Locator MTL Online Other Tools
Section E: Network Cabling Twisted Pair TP Categories IBM TP Types Pros & Cons of TP Coaxial Pros & Cons of Coax Physical View Fiber Optic Pros & Cons of Fiber
Section F: Network Adapters Bus Types What They Look Like NIC Adapter Configuration NIC Software Configuration
Section G: Token Ring Basics Physical & Logical Transfer Pros & cons Specs Cabling Troubleshooting
Section H: Ethernet Basic Physical & Logical Transfer Pros & Cons

Module 2
Section A: 10baseX-Coax 10base2 5-4-3 Rule 10base5 10base5 Specs
Section B: 10baseX – TP 10baseT 10baseF 100baseT 1000baseT Ethernet Troubleshooting
Section C: Other Network Technologies FDDI ATM
Section D: IDE Hard Disk Fundamentals Hard Disk Internals IDE Devices Installing IDE Disks IDE Limitations
Section E: SCSI Standards Installing SCSI Mixed Environments Tips for Hard Disks
Section F: Working with Hard Disks Using the Disk Partitions & Volumes Spanning Disks Mirroring & Duplexing RAID
Section G: CD-ROM Basics Configuring CD-ROMs
Section H: Novell Clients Windows 9x Windows NT Troubleshooting Tools Modules Problem Solving Steps
Section I: NDPS Review Troubleshooting Flowcharts Isolate Problem Testing Mixed Environment

Module 3
Section A: Queue Based Printing Review Utilities Print Process Configure Objects
Section B: Troubleshooting Queue Based Printing Identify Problems Where Problems Occur Workstation Problems Print Queue Problems Print Server Problems Remote Console Print layout
Section C: Troubleshooting Printers Printer Problems Post Script Printers Performance Remote Printer
Section D: NetWare Patches Patch Types Minimum Patch List Installing Service Packs Installing Patches Direct Updates
Section E: Abends & Lockups Server Abends 4.11 & 5 Abend Handling Auto Restart Analyzing Abend Messages Server Lockups Troubleshooting
Section F: Performance Bottlenecks Performance Network Stats CPU & Bus I/O Problems
Section G: Network Analyzer Protocol Analyzers LANalyzer Network Segments Troubleshooting Alarms Overloaded Network
Section H: Disaster Recovery Planning Recovery Data Recovery

Price £ 475 (Bundle of 3)

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