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The Windows 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure course from ATS prepares you with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and maintain a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructure. Expert instructor Dale Brice-Nash demonstrates how to set up and maintain Active Directory structure and topology, and how to plan and implement user, computer and group security. ATS certification courses meet or exceed exam objectives. At the conclusion of the course you will understand the skills required to manage and maintain an Active Directory infrastructure within a Windows Server 2003 environment, and be prepared to pass MCP exam #70-294.

Module 1

Section A: AD Introduction Overview Objectives Overview Overview Continued

Section B: AD Foundations & CIA Model Foundations Overview Active Directory Directory Service in AD Directory Service Char. AD Interoperability CIA Model CIA Responsibility

Section C: Logical & Physical Components AD Definitions Logical Components More Logical Components Logical Structure Physical Components Physical Structure

Section D: FSMO Roles of AD Master Roles Overview Understanding Schema Schema Master Schema Master Seizure Viewing Schema Schema User Class New User Attributes Role Transition

Section E: Additional FSMO Roles of AD Domain Naming Master Domain Naming Seizure Domain Specific Masters Domain Naming Controls Domain Specific Controls Infrastructure Roles

Section F: Uniqueness Rules & Global Catalog Uniqueness Rules Global Catalog Distinguished Name Relative Name Domain & Forest Summary

Section G: Administrative Tools Create New User Object New User Password Change New User Object Windows Support Tools ADSI Edit NetBIOS Commands

Module 2

Section A: DNS Concepts Installation Overview AD Authentication DNS Components DNS & AD DNS Structure DNS Namespace DNS Types DNS Queries

Section B: DNS Zone Types Zone Types Overview Primary & Secondary Zone Transfers Stub Zone vs. Secondary Delegation & Integration Excumination & Identification Zone Identification Create & Integrate

Section C: Installation Requirements Domains & Forests Checklist Preparation Operating Systems Information Required

Section D: Installation Process Installation of AD Installation Upgrade ADPREP Forest ADPREP Domain Installation Specifics Installation Decisions

Section E: AD Replica Add a Replica IFM IFM Rules Adding a Replica

Section F: Validate Installation Validate Process Validate Tools Validate Steps Validation SYSVOL & SRV Records

Section G: Post Installation Process Post Checklist Zone Integration New Group Policy SMB Signing Policy

Module 3

Section A: Forest & Domain Levels Overview Forest Functional Levels Domain Functional Levels Enhancements Raising

Section B: Trust & Decommissioning a DC Trust Relationships Relationship Types Create a Trust Trust Direction Trust Password Complete Trust Decommissioning Steps

Section C: Organizational Unit Structure OU Overview OU's Role in AD OU Phases OU Hierarchy Organizational Factors Guidelines Creating OU's Using DS add

Section D: OU Delegation Overview Delegation of Control Security & Permissions

Section E: Implementing Users & Groups Overview Implementing Concepts SID, RID, & GUID SIDHistory SIDHistory Tool Exploring SID & RID

Section F: User Acct & Group Types Account Types Group Types & Scopes Group Scopes Universal Groups Enterprise Model Single Domain Forest Creating & Managing User Admin Tools

Module 4

Section A: UPN & Password Policies UPN Suffixes Alternate UPN Password Strategies Securing Auth Password & Auth

Section B: Group Policy Objects in AD Overview GPO Settings GPO Concepts GPO Application GPO Planning

Section C: Create, Configure, & Manage GPOs Overview Exploring GPO's User Settings

Section D: Tools & Delegating GPO GPO Tools Using GPO Tools Delegate Control Validate & Test

Section E: Software Deployment with GPOs Windows Installer Software Life Cycle Deployment Process Assignment vs. Publishing Deployment

Section F: Software Mgmt & Removal with GPOs Mgmt Overview Mgmt Options Removing Software

Section G: Replication in AD Sites & Replication Replication Notification Update Notification Replication Process Replication Conflicts

Section H: Intrasite & Intersite in AD Sites in AD Intrasite Intersite Intersite Replication Create Site Intrasite Replication

Module 5

Section A: Security Settings GPO Editor Smart Card Auth User Certificates IP Security Policies Local Group Policy

Section B: Highly Available DNS Overview DNS Role DNS in AD Global Catalog Servers Enable Global Catalog Universal Group Caching DC Best Capacity Planning

Section C: FSMO Rules Overview Schema & Domain Naming PDC Emulator & RID Infrastructure Master Transfer Roles Seizing Roles ntdsutil

Section D: Backup, Analysis, & Monitor NTBackup Backing up AD Restoring AD Restore Process Replication Tools Performance Analysis Replication Monitor

Section E: Directory Serv Models & Bus Req Overview Directory Serv Models Project Life Cycle AD Project Documents Resources

Price £ 750

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