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The Windows 2003 Implementing Network Infrastructure course from ATS prepares you with the knowledge and skills needed to implement, manage, and maintain a Windows 2003 Server network. Expert instructor Aaron Spurlock covers critical topics like how to implement server IP addressing, name resolution, network security, routing and remote access. ATS certification courses meet or exceed exam objectives. At the conclusion of the course you will understand the skills required to implement a Windows 2003 Server network, and be prepared to pass MCP exam #70-291.

Module 1

Section A: Network Infrastructure Overview Overview Required Skills Required Components Base Platform Network Planning

Section B: Understanding TCP/IP TCP/IP History TCP/IP Protocol Suite OSI Model OSI Upper Layers OSI Middle Layers OSI Lower Layers Mapping TCP/IP to OSI TCP/IP Communications

Section C: IP Addresses MAC Addresses IP Addresses Subnet Mask IP Address Clauses Subnet Mathematics

Section D: Addressing Your Network Overview Static Addresses Dynamic Addresses Assigning Addresses Assign Static Address Alternate Configuration Advanced IP Properties Configure Advanced Settings

Section E: Dynamic Addressing APIPA Using APIPA DHCP DHCP Process DHCP Scopes DHCP Superscopes Section F: Implementing DHCP Overview DHCP Authorization Create Scope Configure Client Create Reservation

Module 2

Section A: Managing DHCP Overview Reconsile Scopes Backup DHCP DHCP Relay Agent Install Relay Agent Configure Relay Agent

Section B: IP Address Troubleshooting DHCP Problems Troubleshooting Tools Conflict Detection DHCP Authorization Client IP Problems

Section C: Name Resolution Overview DNS History Authority/Delegation Zones/Domains DNS Namespace DNS Servers DNS Zone Types

Section D: Install DNS Servers Install DNS Configure DNS Servers Configure DNS Options Server Properties Configure Forwarding

Section E: Configuring Zones Choose Zone Type Active Directory Integration Create Zone Zone Properties Create DNS Records Delegate Domain

Section F: Monitor & Troubleshoot DNS Monitoring DNS Event Viewer Debug Logging Nslookup Aging & Scavenging Troubleshoot Name Resolution

Module 3

Section A: Remote Access Overview Types of Connectivity Configure Remote Access Configure Modem Configure RRAS RRAS Properties Ports

Section B: Virtual Private Networks Overview PPTP L2TP/IPSec Configure Security IP Settings Configure Client IPSec Settings Access Network

Section C: Remote Access Policies RRAS User Authentication Configure Logging User Properties Remote Access Policies Configure Policies Policy Properties Verify Policy

Section D: Internet Authentication Service RADIUS Authentication Configure IAS Server RADIUS Clients IAS Policies Authorize Server Configure

Section E: Troubleshooting Remote Access Common Problems VPN Security Packet Filters Test Filters

Section F: Routing Introduction IP Routing Routing Protocols RIP Routing OSPF Routing Static Routing

Module 4

Section A: Implementing Routing - Managing IP Routing - Routing Protocols - Routing & Remote Access -
Static Routing - Verify Static Route - Dynamic Routing - Configure Outbound - Configure Inbound

Section B: Demand-Dial Routing - Usage - Configure DDR - Dial-In Setup - Dial-Out Setup - Two-way Connection
Dynamic Routes - Configure Remote - Demand-Dial Interface

Section C: Secure Remote Access - VPNs - Corporate VPN - VPN Credentials - VPN Properties - IP Addressing
Branch VPN - Verify VPN Connection - Filtering/Rules

Section D: ICS NAT - Address Translation - Connection Sharing - ICS/ICF Set-Up - Advanced Setting
ICS/ICF Services

Section E: RRAS NAT - Implementation - Configuring - ICF/ICS Conflict - Enable RRAS NAT - Public/Private
NAT Properties - Using NAT

Section F: Troubleshooting Routing - RRAS - Demand-Dial - NAT - Event Logging - Trace Log

Module 5

Section A: Security Templates - Overview - Baseline - Add Security MMC - Built-in Templates - Create Template
Implement Template - Import Templates - Applying Templates

Section B: IPSec - Overview - IPSec Process - IPSec Protocols - Transport Mode - Tunnel Mode - Integrity/Encryption

Section C: Configure IPSec - Implementation - Actions/Rules - Using IPSec - IP Filter List - Filter Actions - Create Policy
Assign Policy Verify

Section D: Troubleshoot IPSec - IP Security Monitor - Tracking IPSec - Solve/Verify - View Policy - Update Policy

Section E: Monitoring - Tools - Network Performance - Network Diagnostics - Network Monitor - Capture VPN Traffic
Analyze Data - Troubleshooting Tools

Section F: Troubleshooting Services - Services - Failure Actions - Service Console - SC Command

Price £ 750

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