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The Windows 2003 Managing a Network Environment course from ATS prepares you with the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure, and administer Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Expert instructor Aaron Spurlock shows you techniques for: monitoring and optimizing physical and logical devices; managing users, computers and groups; configuring access to resources; and disaster recovery contingency planning. ATS certification courses meet or exceed exam objectives. At the conclusion of the course you will understand how to manage and maintain a Windows 2003 Server environment, and be prepared to pass MCP exam #70-290.

Module 1

Section A: Introduction Course Overview Windows 2003 Family Windows 2003 Editions Standard & Enterprise Datacenter & Web

Section B: Installation Prerequisite Knowledge Hardware Requirements Clean Installations Upgrade Installations Upgrade from NT4 NT4 Upgrade Issues NT4 Upgrade Order Upgrading to Active Directory

Section C: Upgrading Windows 2000 Active Directory ADPrep\ForestPrep ADPrep\DomainPrep Setup Server 2003 Windows Setup Verify Upgrade Functional Levels Domain/Forest Levels

Section D: Hardware Support Server Class Hardware Standard/Wireless USB Devices View Devices Optical Drives Hardware Installation Driver Signing Unsigned Drivers

Section E: Troubleshoot Hardware Hardware Problems Add Hardware Wizard Update Drivers Audio HAL/Computer Driver Other Tools

Module 2

Section A: Hard Drives Disk Types Dynamic Disks Basic Disk Basic to Dynamic Dynamic Conversion

Section B: Basic Dynamic Volumes Volume Types Spanned vs. Striped Simple Volume Spanned Volume Striped Volume

Section C: Fault Tolerant Volumes Mirrored Volume RAID-5 Volume Configure Mirror Configure RAID-5

Section D: Managing Volumes Disk Management Console Mount as Directory Storage Commands Diskpart Utility Defrag Utility

Section E: File Systems FAT/FAT32 NTFS Format NTFS Format FAT32 File Permissions

Section F: Computer Accounts Domain Join Domain Create Account Log Onto Domain Computer Management Computer Account Issues DNS Settings Reset Account

Module 3

Section A: User Accounts Basic Building Block Authentication Create Users Local User Account Active Directory Users User Properties Verify Resource Access

Section B: Advanced User Accounts Create Users Quickly Create Template Copy Template Net User Command Dsadd User Command

Section C: User Account Properties Properties Account Tab Profile Tab Account Policies Password Policy Account Lockout Policy

Section D: User Profiles Overview Roaming Profile Mandatory Profile Create Roaming Profile Save Profile Create Mandatory Profile

Section E: Groups Group Categories Group Scope Windows 2000 Mixed Mode Group Types Domain Groups Forest Groups

Section F: Managing Groups Control Access Add Users Create Group Change Group Scope Move Users/Groups Ad Automation

Module 4

Section A: NTFS Permissions Local File Access Permission Inheritance Grant Permissions Advanced Permissions Modify Inheritance Effective Permissions

Section B: Share Permissions Shared File Access Create Share Real World Permissions Modify Permissions Troubleshoot Permissions

Section C: NTFS Features Ownership View Ownership Take Ownership Compression Quotas Apply Compression Set Quota

Section D: Printers Permissions Print Devices Sharing Install on Server Share Permissions

Section E: Printers (Cont.) Forward Talk Install on Client Manage Printers Print Queue Print Server Properties

Section F: Windows Licensing Site Licensing Licensing Tool Verify Licensing Licensing Server Licensing Modes

Section G: Software Update Services Overview Install SUS Administrative Interface Service Packs

Module 5

Section A: Remote Administration Remote Tools Add Computer Mgt Remote Assistance Using Remote Assistance

Section B: Remote Desktop Overview Implementing Connection Enable & Add Users Remote Connection Options Remote Control

Section C: Web Server Web Services IIS 6.0 Install IIS Manage Server Securing IIS

Section D: Monitoring Servers Monitoring Tools System Monitor Remote Monitoring Performance Logs Log File Properties Create Logs/Alerts View Logs Performance Guidelines

Section E: Shadow Copies Overview Enable Shadow Copies Settings Restore Shadow Copies

Section F: Backup Backup Options Removable Storage Backup Wizard Backup Process Backup Schedules Scheduled Tasks Restore Options Restore Data

Section G: Disaster Recovery Basic Elements ASR Using ASR

Price £ 750

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