Developing and Testing with Java (JA347GB)

Format: Self study

60.0 Hour(s)

Description: Extends the basic Java concepts (as attained in course JA32GB) and confers practical production skills in Java development. Preparation for the first stage of Java certification.

Experienced programmers with an understanding of Object Oriented programming who have previously been introduced to Java and who want to become familiar with the core aspects of the Java language.

Prerequisites: Participants must have knowledge of OO Programming concepts and be able to code a simple Object Oriented program in Java. 3GL programmers should take Classroom course JA32GB - "Introduction to Java and Object Technology for Procedural Developers" or have completed the equivalent Virtual Course JA327GB before attending this course.

On completion you will be able to:
Develop test and run Java programs of a moderate complexity.
Create complete robust secure multi-threaded Java applications involving GUIs, Input/Output including Networking and Error Handling.
After some practical experience be ready to take the first stage of Java certification.

Contents :
The Java development environment.
Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Interfaces Make use of Java Utility Classes including the Collections classes and Date and Text management classes
Input/Output and File handling in Java using Streams
Error Handling in Java using Exceptions
Building Graphical User Interfaces using AWT and Swing
Event Handling in Java Applets
The Java security model
Java as a Multi-threaded Language, including
Thread creation and control
Java Networking classes including RMI

Practical work: There are practical sessions throughout the course using WSAD.

Price: £750 + VAT

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