EJB Development using WebSphere Studio version 5 (WF357GB)

Format: Self study

60.0 Hour(s)

Description: You will develop enterprise server-side Java applications, concentrating on the use of the Enterprise JavaBeans component model and be able to develop EJBs with WebSphere Studio Application Developer, version 5, including writing EJB clients, stateless and stateful session EJBs, container-managed and bean-managed persistence entity EJBs and message-driven EJBs. You will also test EJBs in WebSphere Application Server, version 5.

Experienced Java developers who are involved in building web-based application solutions using EJBs.

Prerequisites: Develop, test and deploy Java applications as covered in course JA34GB. Basic knowledge of WebSphere Studio Application Developer as covered in JA34GB or the online tutorial supplied with Application Developer.


On completion you will be able to:
Describe the J2EE component model and its use in building server-side applications.
Use IBM WebSphere tools for developing, debugging and testing EJB applications.
Use EJBs in accordance with the Model-View-Controller programming model.
Create Enterprise Java Beans for business logic in the model "application" layer.
Develop, test and use EJBs to access databases in the model "persistence" layer.
Describe deployment and runtime issues of J2EE-based applications.
Assemble and perform integration testing of J2EE-based applications using the WebSphere Application Server.
Identify the best practices needed to design and build J2EE applications which use EJBs

Contents :
J2EE architecture, component model, packaging and deployment.
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology, including session, entity and message driven EJBs and corresponding APIs.
The use of WebSphere Studio Application Developer for developing, testing, debugging and integrating EJBs with Java applications.
Container services for EJB transactions.
Exceptions in EJBs.
EJB Security.
Deploying EJBs from WebSphere Studio Application Developer to WebSphere Application Server.
Best practices for EJBs.

Remarks: This course is for developers using WebSphere Studio Application Developer, version 5.

Practical work:
There are practical sessions throughout the course using WSAD.

Price: £800 + VAT

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