Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Network
Infrastructure Design Training 70-297 - W3D1


The Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Design course from ATS prepares you with the knowledge and skills needed to design a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and network infrastructure. Expert instructor Michael Storm demonstrates how to create conceptual, logical, and physical designs for Active Directory and network services. ATS prep courses for Microsoft certification exams meet or exceed all exam objectives. At the conclusion of the course, you will be prepared to pass the MCP exam Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure.

Module 1

Course Objectives
Successful Design
Design Team

AD Design Elements
Role of AD
Life Cycle
AD Design Team
Design Tasks
Design Components
AD Design Guidelines

Domain Implication
Gathering Domain Data
Design Priorities
Data Guidelines

Logical Forest Design
Forest Design Focus
Forest Design Models
Forest Strategies
Forest Guidelines

Domain Design
Domain Strategies
Forest Root Domain
Security Considerations
Domain Guidelines

DNS & Trust Relations
DNS Namespace
DNS Strategies
DNS Guidelines
Trust Strategies
Trust Types
Trust Guidelines

Migration Issues
Migration Strategies
NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Migration Guidelines

Schema Management
Schema Strategies
Schema Guidelines

Site Infrastructure
Site Design Process
Gather Site Data
Data Guidelines

Module 4

Network Infrastructure
Design Elements
Network Design Team
Design Tasks
AD Support
Network Specifications
Infrastructure Guidelines

IP Addressing
Addressing Scheme
IP Subnetting
Public vs. Private
Address Allocation
IP Address Guidelines
Subnet Guidelines

DHCP Design
DHCP Infrastructure
DHCP Server Locations
DHCP Server Redundancy
DHCP Server
DHCP Guidelines

Change Management
Infrastructure Change
Change Elements
Monitoring Network
Analyze Data

Network Connectivity
Connectivity Requirements
Security Requirements
Network Controls
Connectivity Guidelines

Connection Types
Evaluate Needs
Connections Options
Internation Connections
Business Requirements
Connection Guidelines

Connectivity Infrastructure
Connectivity Design
Interconnection Devices
Redundancy Design
VPN Options
Connectivity Guidelines

Module 2

Site Design
Site Selection
Site Design Guidelines
Replication Considerations
Site Link Considerations
Link Speeds/Costs
Site Link Bridges
Replication Guidelines

Placing Domain Controllers
DC Considerations
Hardware Requirements
Disk Space/Memory
Forest Root DCs
DC Guidelines

Globabl Catalog Servers
GC Guidelines
Operations Master
Operation Master Roles
Forest-Level Guidelines
Domain-Level Guidelines

Administrative Structure
Administrative Issues
Organizational Resources
Administrative Resources
Gathering Admin Data

Administration Model
Types of IT Model
Security Policy/Guidelines
Network Admin Model
Organizational Units
Delegation of Control
Group Policy
OU Guidelines

Computer/User Accounts
Account Strategies
Naming Conventions
Password Policy
Policies for AAA
Security Groups
Account Guidelines

Module 5

Internet Infrastructure
Internet Connectivity
Firewall Design
Securing Firewall Replication
Extranet Design
I-net Connectivity Rules

Network Access Design
Network Access Strategy
Determine Access Types
Business Requirements
User Requirements
Security Requirements
Interoperability Requirements
Network Access Guidelines

Remote Access Security
Security Design
Authentication Methods
Encryption Methods
Remote Access Profiles
Remote Access Monitoring & Auditing
Wireless Access Methods
Remote Access Guidelines

Remote Access Infrastructure
Remote Access Design
RAS Server Placement
VPN Server Placement
Authentication Server Placement
User Environment Config
User Education
Remote Access Infrastructure Guidelines

Wireless Access Design
Wireless Infrastructure
Wireless Standards
Wireless Security
Wireless Hardware
Wireless Access Guidelines

Module 3
Group Policy
Design Elements
Security Requirements
Administrative Requirements
Software Deployment
Structure Consideration
GP Design Guidelines

GP Structure
GPO Considerations
Deployment Strategy
GP Settings
GP Inheritance
GP Structure Guidelines

OU Structure
Group Policy OU Design
Group Policy OU Influence
Admin Design Structure
OU Creation Guidelines

GPO Management
GPO Requirements
GPO Administration
Change Management
Policy Mgt. Guidelines

Name Resolution
Assess Current DNS
Network Requirements
Host Requirements
NetBIOS Resources
Resolution Guideline

DNS Interoperability
Integration Options
BIND Strategies
WINS Guidelines
DHCP Guidelines

WINS Replication
Replication Strategy
Replication Guidelines

Client Resolution
DNS Server Option
DNS Stub Zones
DNS Naming
DNS Client Guidelines


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