WebSphere Commerce V5.4 System Administration - WA243v1


The purpose of this course is to teach the fundamental concepts required to install, configure, and manage an IBM WebSphere Commerce Business Edition, Version 5.1 system.

The optional hands-on labs enable students to perform real configuration and management tasks on the actual product.
It will help students become familiar with the product and build their confidence in maintaining a V5.1 Business Edition site.

After completing this course, student should be able to:

    o Describe system administration tasks and tools
    o Describe requirements for installation
    o Describe how to install WebSphere Commerce and its related software
    o Describe how to configure WebSphere Commerce instances in single-tier or multiple-tier environments
    o Describe how to use WebSphere Commerce logs to troubleshoot
    o Describe how to load a store from a store archive
    o Describe how to load store data from supplied XML load files
    o Describe how to create organizations and administrators
    o Describe how to set access control policies
    o Describe how to analyze and tune a site
    o Describe how to configure caching of store pages
    o Describe how to cleanup obsolete data from the WebSphere Commerce database
    o Describe how to configure and use a staging server
    o Describe how to configure Payment Manager for a store
    o Describe how to configure messaging, rule services and scheduled jobs for a store
    o Describe how to configure security options

Module 1
System Administration Overview and Installation

Module 2
Configuring and Troubleshooting WebSphere Commerce

Module 3
Managing Stores and Store Data

Module 4
Member Management and Access Control

Module 5
Store Administration Tasks

Module 6
Site Maintenance and Tuning

Module 7
Configuring Payment Manager

Module 8
Configuring Security Options

Module 9
Advanced Configurations


o Understanding of the components, features and functions of IBM WebSphere Commerce, Version 5.4
o Experience using the Windows 98/2000 user interface and the Internet Explorer V5 Web browser
o Experience Administering a web Server i.e. IBM HTTP Server, or Apache Server
o Basic understanding of relational database concepts
o Experience administering WebSphere Application Server V4.0 Advanced Edition

Price £35 (single user licence)

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