WebSphere Commerce V5.4 System Programming - WA373v1


This course addresses complex customisations that often require EJB programming and the use of the VAJ client connector framework (CCF) to integrate with back-end systems.

Topics include enhancements to the WebSphere Commerce programming model and application development environment to support B2B functionality.

It also reviews common programming techniques for extending the data model and supporting new business processes.

After completing this course, student should be able to:

  • Describe the WebSphere Commerce architecture and development tools
  • Describe the data model for WebSphere Commerce
  • Describe the WebSphere Commerce programming model
  • Describe common WebSphere Commerce programming techniques
  • Describe how to create and use EJBs and access beans for WebSphere Commerce
  • Describe how to use the WebSphere Test Environment to test WebSphere Commerce components
  • Describe how to use the WebSphere Test Environment to test Java components
  • Describe useful scenarios for extending the base WebSphere Commerce functionality
  • List controller, task, and view commands for WebSphere Commerce
  • Identify how to deploy components to a WebSphere Application Server


Module 1
Understanding WC Components

Module 2
Setting Up the Programming Environment

Module 3
Creating EJBs and Access Beans

Module 4
Testing and Deploying EJBs

Module 5
Extending WC Base Functionality

Module 6
Working with Controller and View Commands

Module 7
Working with Task Commands


This course is intended for experienced programmers who have knowledge and experience programming in a Web application environment. Students should have skills developing and deploying Java servlets and JavaServer Pages in dynamic Web applications.

In addition, students should have a basic understanding of IBM VisualAge for Java or have taken the IBM VisualAge for Java course, we also offer our self-study VisualAge for Java module VAJW).

This course is intended for WebSphere Commerce Developers, Java Programmers, WebSphere Application Server Programmers, and Database Developers who are involved in developing Java components for store business logic and designing extensions to the data model to support store business processes.

Because these roles have similar prerequisite knowledge and skills (programming SQL, Java, Javascript, HTML, XML), the responsibilities have been combined into a new role called Store Programmer

Price £35 (single user licence)

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