Introducing Virtual Classes - New e-Learning Offerings

Introducing Virtual Classes:
Virtual Classes are self-study versions of some of IBM's most popular courses delivered over the Internet combining web-based reading assignments, multimedia presentations, interactive real-time chats with an instructor and other students via instant messaging, and quizzes with instructor feedback. Offering, in addition, hands-on lab sessions with Interactive remote Instructor support and mentoring to assist the learners in the lab sessions. These offer all the advantages of self-paced learning with the Instructor support normally only available in classroom courses.

Once enrolled the student will be issued an ID to access the web based training and has up to 90 days in which to complete the course.

Virtual Class courses are identified by course codes where the 5th digit is the number 7:
e.g. WF387GB is the Virtual Class equivalent of our classroom course WF381GB -WebSphere Administration.

These offerings are available at significant discount off IBM's normal classroom prices and therefore are not available via the education card or other discount schemes.

Complements other training - Part of your overall training solution
Hands-on practice - Access leading-edge products/technologies via the Web
No need to travel - Complete technical training from any where you are
Flexible Schedule - You decide when and where to take the class
Save Money - Train more people in more subjects for less money

Java & WebSphere Virtual Classes
Courses currently available are:
JA327GB Intro to Developing OO Apps with Java
JA347GB Developing and Testing OO Apps with Java
WF317GB JSP & Servlet Development using WebSphere Studio V5
WF357GB EJB Development Using WebSphere Studio V5
WF387GB Administration of WebSPhere Application Server v5

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